Freelee Thinks Zoella Is Holding Alfie Back from His True Potential

Freelee has some advice for Zalfie, again. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite the fact that Zoella blocked her everywhere on social media, Freelee is forging ahead with her Zoe-critiquing video series.

Freelee previously vowed to do an entire series about Zoella’s non-vegan habits – and has now set her sights on her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes.

Freelee shows off her fitness.

Freelee shows off her fitness. (Photo: Instagram)

Freelee Says Alfie Is Being Held Back by Zoe’s Resistance to Veganism

“Alfie definitely has an interest in veganism,” Freelee said. “But he has a lot of pressure around him not to go in that direction.”

“Unfortunately, Zoella is pushing back.”

“So today, I just want to help him make that connection more. Give him more of a push in the vegan direction.”

She played a clip from a Zalfie vlog. “Alfie gets a chicken burger. You can tell he is not thinking about the animal at this point. But what I found interesting was the footage later in that day.”

Zoella, chicken and Alfie.

Zoella, chicken and Alfie. (Photo: Instagram / Freelee)

In the clip, Alfie expressed doubts about eating chicken. He said, “It kind of puts me off eating chicken legs. Sounds a bit weird. But if you feel [Nala’s] leg here, that there feels exactly like a chicken leg. Like, what I would eat. Now, whenever I have a chicken leg now… it’s Nala’s little leg!”

Nala is not food.

Nala is not food. (Photo: Instagram)

Zoella then said, “But it isn’t Nala’s little leg!”

After the clip ended, Freelee praised Alfie and criticized Zoella. “Alfie, that does not sound weird at all. That makes complete sense. How is eating a dog’s leg any different than eating a chicken’s leg?”

She wasn’t happy with Zoe. “You’re right Zoe, Nala is lucky to keep her legs. But BILLIONS of chickens around the world, every year, are not that lucky. They have their legs RIPPED OFF to feed greedy, uneducated humans.”

Alfie hugs Zoe.

Alfie hugs Zoe. (Photo: Instagram)

“Not only is eating chicken cruel and unethical, it’s one of the most unhealthy things you can eat.”

She listed a ton of “side effects” from chicken, and told Alfie to watch out for his genitals. “Feminization of male genitalia – watch out Alfie!”

Alfie Deyes poses shirtless.

Alfie Deyes poses shirtless. (Photo Instagram)

She continued praising Alfie. “One thing that I found really cool, was when Alfie was hanging out with Louis for the day, he actually went vegan and supported his friend. He watched Cowspiracy.”

Alfie briefly went vegan with Louis.

Alfie briefly went vegan with Louis. (Photo: Instagram)

She found Zoe very closed-minded. “On the other hand, Zoe apparently didn’t watch Cowspiracy and she just ate her meat and cheese pizza in FRONT of the guys while they were eating vegan. Which I naturally found VERY closed-minded and disappointing.”

“Alfie seems like a nice guy, and I feel that he wants to live more ethically.”

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