Charlie Puth Picks His 10 Favorite YouTubers (Throwback)

Charlie Puth revealed his YouTube faves. (Photo: Instagram)

Here’s a cute throwback from ages ago! Before Charlie Puth started making out with Meghan Trainor at award shows, he made YouTube videos.

One time, he did the YouTuber Family Tag with Graceanne Parks, and revealed which of his favorite YouTubers he wanted to be in his family.

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth kissing.

Charlie Puth grabs and kisses Meghan Trainor. (Photo: Getty)

Charlie also gave a shout-out to Joey Graceffa. “I love Joey. I have known him for a long time. He was on WinterSpringPro and I used to do their music for them.”

Cousins – JC Caylen & Connor Franta

Charlie said that he wanted Connor and JC to be his cousins. “Who would you want to be your cousins? That’s an easy choice!”

“JC Caylen and Connor Franta. Because that would be fun. I just think it would be fun.”

Connor Franta and JC Caylen.

Connor Franta and JC Caylen.

“We’d wrestle. We’d kiss. What? We’re cousins. It’s okay!”

He gushed over Connor. “He’s so cute.”

Mom – Zoella

Charlie revealed that he wanted Zoe to be his mom. “Number one. Mom. Zoella!”

Zoella waves.

Zoella waves.

Dad – Louis Cole

“Who would you want to be your dad? My dad is going to be FunForLouis. It would be a nice thing.”

Louis Cole has a stalker.

Louis Cole has a stalker.

Dirty Uncle – Lohanthony

“Who is your dirty uncle? Lohanthony. Isn’t that great?”

Lohanthony dances.

Lohanthony dances.

Aunt – Grace Helbig

“Who’s your aunt? My aunt is going to be Grace Helbig. What the hell would Grace and I do? Probably nothing, honestly. Oh yeah.”

Grace Helbig is looking at you.

Grace Helbig is looking at you.

Wife – Lisa Cimorelli

“I think a good wife for me would be Lisa Cimorelli, out of the Cimorelli band. Because she is clean-cut and very organized. Well, they sing really well. I am a sucker for girls who know how to sing.”

Lisa Cimorelli pulls a face.

Lisa Cimorelli pulls a face.

Daughter – Jenn McAllister

“Who would be your daughter? My daughter would be Jennxpenn. Yeah. I have been watching her for a long time. And that sounds so inappropriate.”

Jenn McAllister shoves it away.

Jenn McAllister shoves it away.

“Jenn, because she is such a sweetheart.”

He pretended to be on the phone calling his daughter Jenn. “And I’m like, Jenn. Stop hanging around the diner. You have to come home. Daddy said so. And she’d be like, okay.”

Sons – Jack & Finn Harries

“Who would I want to be my sons? Jack and Finn!”

Jack and Finn play with bubbles.

Jack and Finn play with bubbles.

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