Did Acacia Brinley Audition to Star in John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’?

Acacia Brinley teased fans with a possible movie role. (Photo: Twitter)

Acacia Brinley recently teased a movie audition, for a mystery movie. However, she gave a huge hint when she took a partial photo of the script, which appears to be John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Acacia Brinley Teases Fans With a Possible Role in the ‘Looking for Alaska’ Movie

Last week, Acacia shared exciting news on Twitter. “I just got an audition for a movie that is based on one of my favorite books! Oh my god!”

Got an audition.

A few days later, she revealed that she had an acting coach to prepare her for the mystery audition. “Feeling good!” she tweeted.

Coaching session.

After fans barraged her with questions about the mystery movie, she replied, “It’s not my place.”

Hasn't been announced.

A few days after that, Acacia tweeted ‘Looking for Alaska’ author John Green, out of nowhere. “I hope we get to be best friends soon.”

Get to be friends.

Acacia finally gave a massive clue to the movie’s identity in a now-deleted tweet. “Let’s do this,” she tweeted.

Acacia is Alaska?

Eagle-eyed fans CSI-enhanced her posted photo, revealing that it was likely to be a script related to ‘Looking for Alaska’.

Looking for Alaska script.

Fans Revolt Over the Rumor, Threaten to Boycott, Burn & Kill

Acacia’s hint-dropping spread like wildfire – and the response was overwhelmingly negative. Many thought she might be auditioning for the role of Alaska Young.

Fans threatened John Green, and called for boycotts. Others barraged both Acacia and John with death threats.

Light on fire!
Burn myself!
Burn boycott.

John Green Defends Himself Against Death Threats

After John Green received a barrage of hate, he clarifies, “I am not a casting director. Please stop threatening to kill me.”

Don't kill me!

John also reveals that he has zero idea who “Acacia” is.

No idea who!

He also claims that he has no power whatsoever over the casting.

Hundred people audition.

Some fans didn’t know what he was talking about, and accused him of subtweeting Cara Delevingne or Shailene Woodley – but he rejected that.

Not a subtweet.

He then reveals a bombshell – that the movie might not ever happen at all.

Hasn't happened yet.

He also backed a fan who wanted a woman of color to play the starring role.

Support that!

Do you think Acacia would make a good Alaska Young?

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