Nash Smoking Blunts Contributed to Rift with Cameron, Claims Taylor Caniff

Magcon Weed: Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff used to be closer. (Photo: Twitter)

Taylor Caniff explained that Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier might have slowly drifted apart partly due to a clash in lifestyles.

Cameron, who recently cried, screamed and reminisced about the good ol’ days, often tweets about missing Nash on Twitter.

Taylor Caniff Explains the Nash-Cam Situation With Magcon & DigiTour

“We all sort of wanted to tour again, kind of,” Taylor revealed.

However, Nash decided to sign away to Digi (along with Matt Espinosa and Hayes, who called Cameron “selfish” and “backstabbing“).

“Nash signed a contract with Digi for all the tours, for a whole year.”

Cameron Dallas shirtless with Nash Grier.

Cameron Dallas shirtless with Nash Grier. (Photo: Instagram)

“And I know that was very upsetting to everyone who was involved with the previous tour. I think that may have raised some stuff.”

Taylor Caniff Confirms That Nash Grier Smokes Weed, but Cameron Dallas Does Not

On YouNow, Taylor also confirmed that Nash smokes, but Cameron Dallas does not. “I think you’ve seen them, unless you’ve been living under a rock.”

Nash Grier loves smoking.

Nash Grier loves smoking. (Photo: Instagram)

He also sarcastically laughed at fans who tried to claim every photo featuring Nash with a blunt was photoshopped.

“As we all know, the situation we’ve seen on social media and stuff. Of him [Nash] smoking and stuff.”

“I don’t know if you know this, but Cameron does not do that stuff.”

“I’m not being shady or anything. This is literally what you can see on social media, so this is not shade.”

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Taylor Caniff Explains How Smoking Might Have Led to a Lifestyle Clash Between Cam & Nash

Taylor explained that Cameron and Nash had contrasting lifestyles.

“If you don’t smoke and enjoy that lifestyle, you won’t hang out with someone who does enjoy that lifestyle.”

Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier.

Friends: Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier. (Photo: Instagram)

“There’s two different lifestyles going on. There’s people that do enjoy that stuff, and people who don’t.”

“It’s why I can’t hang. I can’t do that s***. I gotta be productive. I gotta be moving.”

“With that stuff, you can’t be super productive.”

“I don’t know why you all are commenting like this is a newsflash.”

Taylor Caniff Denies That He Smokes: “A Lot of People Don’t Support That Kind of Stuff”

“Everyone has been tweeting me for the last month asking if I smoke. All because he goes and does something, doesn’t mean I do.”

“That’s been my main concern. I don’t.”

“He’s [Nash] lost a lot of respect for it. A lot of people don’t support that kind of stuff.”

“I know Justin Bieber used to get tons of hate for it.”

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