Pewdiepie’s Girlfriend Is Not Happy You Think She’s a Lazy, Ugly Gold-Digger

Marzia Bisognin is more than Pewdiepie's girl. (Photo: YouTube)

Is Marzia Bisognin a gold-digger leeching off Felix Kjellberg’s fame and success?

Marzia has been attacked with similar accusations for ages – and she’s finally fighting back.

She has lashed out at viewers who call her “Pewdiepie’s girlfriend” in a 5-minute video where she hits back at the common criticisms flung at her – including criticisms of her crooked smile, flesh-baring outfits and the fact that many think she’s only using Felix for fame.

Marzia Says She Has Her Own Money, Credit Cards, and Wallet – Separate From Pewds

Fans often criticize her for only being able to make YouTube a full time job because of Pewdiepie’s fame – making her income completely reliant on his success.

However, Marzia is NOT happy at fans who say she’s reliant on Pewdiepie for money.

She takes out a wallet and says, “There is money inside, and credit cards with my name on it. I know, it’s ridiculous, crazy to think that I earn my own things.”

Marzia's wallet.

Marzia pulls out her wallet. (Photo: YouTube)

Marzia Hates It When You Say She Looks like a Man, Needs Makeup, Wears Too Little Clothing & Has a Crooked Smile

She calls out viewers for bullying her.

She says, “Apparently it wasn’t enough going through high school, feeling like people were judging me and picking on the way I look. You would think that by now, I am 22 years old – I would not have to be put under these kinds of judgements. People like to make fun of my eyebrows, people make fun of my crooked smile. What really bothers me is that people that make these comments, although they don’t hurt me, hurt other people that might be feeling insecure about the way they look. Like if they want to wear something, they can’t. Or if they want to try some makeup, they can’t. That’s really, really wrong.”

Marzia makeup free.

Marzia with no makeup. (Photo: Instagram)

She continues, “In my Halloween video, I was wearing a sheer blouse, and everybody went crazy. Sometimes people don’t like that I do the same makeup. Sometimes when I post something with no makeup on, people like to just offend. They say it’s a good thing that makeup exists! Or that I look like a man!”

She Doesn’t like How Commenters Always Associate Her with Pewdiepie

Despite Marzia deciding to name her channel CutiePieMarzia after Pewdiepie, she’s sick of always being attached to his name.

She says, “Probably at least 90% of the people on the internet know me as Pewdiepie’s girlfriend, and they do not even know that my name is Marzia. I kind of grew accustomed to that, and tried not to be bothered by it – but there is always someone in every single one of my videos that has to point that out, reminding me about it.”

“But trust me, I never forget it.”

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“The funny thing about it is, there are so many Youtube couples on the internet, but for some reason I am the only person that doesn’t get seen as an individual. That is what really hurts sometimes.”

Marzia Says She’s Not Lazy, as Making Two Videos a Week Is Very Hard Work

Unlike her boyfriend Pewdiepie, who often uploads up to 14 videos a week, Marzia only uploads two – with one under 2 minutes long, and the other around 5 minutes long.

Because of this, Marzia often gets hate comments calling her “lazy” – as YouTube is currently her only job. With 168 hours in a week, fans have been wondering what she does with all that other free time.

Marzia's videos.

Hard work: Marzia posts two short videos a week.

She defends herself, “I know it’s hard to process that I work as hard as others. I upload two videos a week. I create my own content, I edit everything. After 2 years of doing this, I don’t get the recognition I deserve!”

She Likes Tattoos, and so What?

Marzia often projects an image of innocence with her no-swearing policy, peter pan collars and soft voice. However, she says, she’s far from innocent.

Marzia's not innocent.

Innocence: Fans think Marzia is like a child. (Photo: Instagram)

She says, “You like to imagine me as this perfect creature that is so innocent and silly. In some aspects I am, I don’t like to say bad words, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. But I like to tattoo myself, because I like art and see tattoos as a form of art. If I have something that has meaning to me, I want to put it on me. Forever. I don’t think it is that wrong. It’s my body! Why judge me?”

Commenters React to Her Rant Video

Response was mixed to her rant, with many posting that she needed to grow some thicker skin – with some drawing comparisons with Alfie Deyes’ rant video.

Grow thicker skin, Marzia.

Others quoted wise sage Taylor Swift, and told her to “shake it off”.

Shake it off, Marzia.

Others defended her, saying that haters are simply insecure.

Haters are insecure!

A Superfame commenter noted that Marzia is definitely not a gold-digger. They mentioned that Marzia started taking to Felix when he had a mere 500 subscribers – a complete nobody without the “Pewdiepie” millions.

Do you think Marzia is more than Pewdiepie’s girlfriend? Or do you think she needs to get a grip? Comment below!

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