We Want to Jet Ski with Carter Reynolds & Nash Grier

Carter Reynolds smiling in the sun. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Cameron Dallas just went skydiving, but Carter Reynolds played it safe (on the earth’s surface) by going jet skiing for his Aero Now challenge.

Update: Aeropostale deleted the ad after Carter’s controversial video leaked. He was probably fired too.

Carter Reynolds smiles at the dock before filming.

Carter Reynolds smiles at the dock before filming. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Carter Reynolds teams up with Nash Grier, as they race red and blue jet skis around a lake for an Aeropostale advertisement.

“It’s gonna be sick,” says Carter as he buckles up a black vest and readies the GoPro.

Carter Reynolds and Nash Grier shirtless.

Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds go shirtless for Aeropostale. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Carter, who has clearly used a jet ski before, says, “I’m gonna start it in…five, four, three, two…one!”

Carter Reynolds rides a red jetski.

Carter Reynolds races on a jet ski at a lake. (Photo: Aeropostale)

He jets off on his bright red jet ski, standing up and maneuvering the jet ski like a pro – his tousled hair going crazy in the wind.

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Carter Retnolds wet on a jetski.

Carter Reynolds speeds through the water on a jet ski. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Nash does not follow too far behind in a blue jet ski, and they race around the lake with the cameraman.

Nash Grier smiles on a jetski.

A smiling Nash Grier poses on a jet ski with a GoPro. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds waiting on jetskis.

Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds wait around during a lake race. (Photo: Aeropostale)

They end their lake ride with a handshake, bro-style.

GIF of Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds hugging shirtless.

A shirtless Carter Reynolds and Nash Grier hug it out.

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