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Hello! We are officially opening up for volunteer writers.

Here’s your chance to get your content in front of millions, including celebrities and industry people – scroll down for the online application form!

You don’t need experience, but you will need to submit a short sample article, so make sure you’re on a computer.

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What level of commitment are you expecting?

We don’t really have a “submission minimum”. You can submit posts for review every day, or once a month. We won’t deactivate your account for inactivity just because you’re too busy.

What if I have no experience?

Experience is not necessary – but you will be required to submit a short sample article below.

What will I write about?

You will be writing about popular internet celebrities. You are not limited to “news” or “gossip”. You can create bombastic think pieces, joke quizzes, insane lists – anything goes.

What happens next?

We will only contact groups of successful applicants in waves. It might take a while, depending on the month. If you accept our terms, we will then create an account for you.

What will the “writing” process be like?

You will need to clear every topic you write for us, to ensure that there’s no duplication. You will then submit the article via your WordPress account. We will then optimize, publish and promote it.

Hot guy writing.

Update: Here are some common application mistakes you should avoid – and some tips.

The sample article and sample topics below have to be YouTube or Vine related.

Please do not write an article about Twilight, Ashton Irwin or Selena Gomez. Every topic title should also be YouTube or Vine related.

The sample article has to be at least 200 words long.

You can copy and paste your text into a word counter to verify this.

The sample article and sample topics have to be real.

Do not include fake headlines or hypothetical situations.

Think about your sample topics very carefully.

This is the second most important section.

Be honest and detailed.

You can stand out by being as thoughtful and detailed as possible.

  • Personal Information

  • This can be your real name, or a made-up pseudonym. It has to consist of a full first and last name, like "John Smith", not "johnhello132" or "John S".
  • Your Interests

    What topics (or people) are you interested in writing about? Who you do follow? What types of videos do you watch? What sites do you typically visit?
  • Past Experience

    Although experience is not necessary - it's a bonus! Do you have a blog? Have you written for other sites before? Do you have a degree? Do you have a Wattpad account? Do you write essays on Tumblr? Are you on a forum? If you have writing samples of any type, please link to all of them.
  • Sample Article

    Please write your own "YouTube or Vine related" sample article that could go on this site (at least 200 words). Please don't plagiarize.
  • Sample Topics

    Please provide the titles of 4 "YouTube or Vine related" articles that you could potentially write for us, like "Ricky Dillon got a tattoo" or "The 10 most amazing things about Binge". If you are including news items, make sure the events are from the last 7 days. Please don't include items we have already done, or fake headlines.
  • Final Questions

    If you know how to use <strong> or <h2>, tick "yes".

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