Gabriella DeMartino Backtracks after Comparing Instagram Haters to Paris Terrorists

Gabriella DeMartino. (Photo: Instagram)

Gabriella DeMartino was forced to delete an Instagram photo after fans criticized her controversial caption.

Gabriella’s Instagram account is often filled with haters criticizing her for the most minute things, and she finally had enough.

Gabi DeMartino
Gabi spreads holiday cheer. (Photo: Instagram)

Gabriella’s Instagram Caption Riles Up Fans

Gabriella posted the following fairly innocuous photo of her room’s Eiffel Tower, on her Instagram account.

Eiffel tower.
Gabi posted this photo. (Photo: Instagram)

She accompanied it with the following caption. “We should work towards peace every day!”

She mentioned that her Instagram account rarely saw any “peace”, and told fans to #PrayForParis.

Gabi's original caption. (Photo: Instagram)
Gabi’s original caption. (Photo: Instagram)

Gabriella also compared her Instagram haters to terrorists. “From an extreme exaggeration, you are committing a similar crime as a terrorist! Stop trying to affect INNOCENT LIVES!”

She also mentioned that her room was Paris-themed.

Her caption riled up angry fans. “Don’t you DARE relate this to your hate comments and your Paris themed room,” one angry fan wrote. “Nobody cares or gives two f**** about your f****** room.”

After an avalanche of criticism, she edited out the terrorism mention in her caption.

Mad at haters.
Gabi’s edited caption. (Photo: Instagram)

However, she later decided to delete the entire photo altogether.

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