New Pet

Cameron Dallas Adopts Some Random Dog at a Photoshoot

Cameron Dallas with his new pet dog, Jaxx. (Photo: JustJared)

Saint Cameron Dallas has decided to adopt a rescue dog named Max (who he renamed Jaxx), after falling in love with him during a photoshoot with JustJared.

The 6-month-old black and white Husky was originally up for adoption at Spot Los Angeles during November.

Cameron Dallas with Jaxx.

Cameron Dallas and Jaxx posing. (Photo: JustJared)

Some photographers like to spread awareness of “shelter dogs” by incorporating them into their photographs.

The husky up for adoption.

Jaxx / Maxx at the Spot! adoption center. (Photo: Instagram)

However, there’s one thing that Cameron did not like – the dog’s name. He quickly renamed the dog “Jaxx” instead of “Max” and decided to take him home.

Cameron Dallas with puppy.

Cameron Dallas with his puppy on the beach. (Photo: Instagram)

They have lots of fun together – and even watch movies together.

Cameron tweets with dog.
Cameron Dallas and dog.

Cameron Dallas with his new dog in the bathroom. (Photo: Twitter)

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