Cameron Dallas Reacts to Matt Espinosa Shading Him on Instagram

Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa had a misunderstanding. (Photo: Instagram / Getty)

Matthew Espinosa and Cameron Dallas recently had another social media misunderstanding.

Although the pair used to be close friends, their online interactions now mostly consist of passive-aggressive tweets.

They recently had another little tiff over Instagram captions. Yes, really.

Matt and Cameron.

Matt and Cameron used to be closer. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas Innocently Posts a Shirtless Pic with This Caption

Cameron Dallas decided to post a steamy shirtless photo of himself on Instagram.

Cameron Dallas posted this shirtless photo and tagged 3 friends. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas posted this shirtless photo and tagged 3 friends. (Photo: Instagram)

On the photo, he used the following caption. He tagged three friends. Pretty innocent, right?

Cameron Dallas innocently tagged three friends.

Cameron Dallas innocently tagged three friends.

Matt Espinosa Posts a Photo with a Possibly Shady Caption

Matt then posted a photo on Instagram as well. It was a photo of a dog.

On the photo, he used this caption. He mocked people that use the “tag three friends” line on Instagram – something Cameron just did.

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Matthew Espinosa used this as a caption. People thought it was about Cam.

Matthew Espinosa used this as a caption. People thought it was about Cam.

Fans immediately assumed he was taking shots at Cameron Dallas again. But was he really?

Cameron Dallas Reacts to Matt by Liking This Tweet

Cameron Dallas saw Matt’s caption, and responded by liking this tweet on Twitter.

“Apparently you can’t tag your friends on an Instagram picture, because it is lowkey throwing shade. What the fuck is social media now?”


Matt Says He Was Not Referring to Cam at All

On Twitter, Matt claimed that he was NOT talking about Cameron at all.


He said that he never saw Cam’s original Instagram caption.


He then went to his original caption and added this bit. “It’s a general statement talking about no one specifically!”

Matt edited his caption and added this.

Matt edited his caption and added this.

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