Joe Weller Strips Completely NAKED For “Art” – They Loved the View!

Joe Weller took off all his clothes and bared it all! (Photo: Instagram)

Joe Weller decided to go completely nude for the premiere of his 9Now “TV” show Jobsworth.

For the series, Joe tried out various jobs in a bid to find his dream job. In this particular episode, he learned how to be a naked life model for an art class – and he certainly was NOT shy!

Joe Weller with dog.

Tasty! Joe Weller gets up close and personal with a dog. (Photo: Instagram)

Joe Weller Takes off His Clothes for an Art Class

“I have never had a proper job,” Joe revealed. “Today I will be trying out modelling. Not a normal kind of model. I have got to be naked!”


Nothing to hide here! Joe wields a stick with nothing to fear.

He was given a lovely silk dressing gown, then told to get naked for the cameras. He was a little bit nervous, obviously. “I am just a bit of furniture to them. That is what I have to remember. Fruit bowl.”

Joe Weller topless.

This is awks! Joe smirks while an elderly man sketches his backside.

He was concerned that he had to keep completely still – a big challenge for him. “Oh my f****** god. Strike a pose? I can’t move? I have to stick to the pose. Okay. This is it. Naked boy Weller.”

Joe Weller

Clearly a pro! Joe strikes a dramatic pose for the class.

He did a few one-minute poses. “Please turn around. We would like to see your behind,” the teacher said. “Okay, that’s lovely.”

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Joe Weller's muscles.

Look at me! Joe felt completely at home as he flexed his muscles.

There was some drama in the art class. One of the older gentlemen threw a tantrum and told the cameras, “TV people. This is not art. This is pathetic!”

Joe Weller

This is ART: Joe’s arms didn’t get tired at all.

A grandmother was very pleased with the view. “He did very, very well. He has a great body.”

Joe Weller shirtless.

Here’s how to do it! Joe gets some coaching.

Joe was very happy with his experience. “You connect to the people drawing you. I felt that energy.”


A Peachy Bum: Joe flaunted his assets for the benefit of art.

He said that he loved the job. “Like we were working as one. I might take this up, you know. I feel like I can do it. I am definitely glad I did it. It was surprisingly really good.”

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