Crazy Fangirl Arrested for Hanging Onto Kian & JC’s Bus on the Highway

A fangirl was detained by the authorities after a Kian & JC show. (Photo: Instagram)

A fangirl and aspiring YouTuber was detained by police after she secretly hitched a ride in the space between Kian and JC’s tour bus and trailer.

The girl took stanning to a whole new level as she hanged onto the outside the vehicle for a full twenty minutes on the highway.

Kian, JC and Ricky.

Kian Lawley, JC Caylen and Ricky Dillon hanging out. (Photo: Instagram)

Fangirl Live-Tweets Her Secret Ride on Kian & JC’s Tour Bus

Jianni Jones, who has promised the full story on her YouTube channel, decided to dangerously leap onto the space between the tour bus and the trailer.

In this very grainy night shot by Ryan Abe, you can see her on her phone while the vehicles are driving on the highway. JC later revealed that they were on the highway for twenty minutes before she was caught out!

Kian and JC fan rides the bus.

Jianni was seen tweeting on her phone while the vehicle was in motion. (Photo: Twitter)

On Twitter, Jianni was pleased with herself, and said that it was the craziest and most impulsive thing she has ever done. She tweeted at Kian, “I am riding outside your tour bus!”


She also attempted to contact JC while she was riding along on the highway. She said that she was simply “living life to the fullest” and “creating adventures” just like JC told her to.


JC Caylen & Ryan Abe Are Shocked: “A Girl Was Arrested!”

The girl was eventually spotted and JC Caylen took to Twitter in shock. “We were on the highway for twenty minutes! What the fuck! A girl got arrested.”


Ryan Abe, who was also at the show, was also astounded. “A f****** girl just got arrested! ”


Jianni Apologizes & Says She Was Only Detained, Not Arrested

Jianni eventually went on Twitter and revealed that she was NOT arrested, but detained by police. She apologized for her reckless actions – which could have resulted in death.


“I was idiotic and thoughtless. I am sorry.”

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