Markiplier Was Hacked & His Earnings Were LEAKED

Markiplier was hacked. (Photo: Instagram)

How much money does Markiplier actually make? A hacking team recently found out.

The OurMine team, who often enjoy taking over YouTuber accounts for fun, took on the famous YouTuber.

The OurMine Team Takes Aim at Markiplier

OurMine decided that they were going to target Mark. They took over his YouTube account and posted a video.

They plastered their logo all over the video and even added their Twitter account to the video’s title.

A hacking group posted a video on his channel.

A hacking group posted a video on his channel.

It appears like they used the video for purely promotional reasons.

A screenshot of YouTube.

Thousands watched the video.

They said that their hack was not malicious, and said they did not change his password. “He can get it back.”

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On Twitter, they said they tried to contact Mark, but he did not reply at all.

Hackers Leak a Screenshot of Markiplier’s Earnings

The hacking group took to Twitter and leaked this screenshot, featuring Mark’s November 2015 YouTube earnings.

The analytics page was taken from Maker Studios’ network, not Google.

Markiplier's earnings.

Markiplier’s earnings were leaked. (Photo: Our Mine)

Apparently, Mark earned a whopping $665,820.16 in royalties during November 2015 (thanks to his 185 million views), and $32.36 in referrals.

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