Why Does Miranda Sings Have so Many Gay Baes?

Miranda Sings is going places. (Photo: YouTube)

Colleen Ballinger was questioned by a fan who asked her why she had so many gay male friends – and she answered.

Of course, gay baes pose no threat to Miranda’s love life, as she can now legally marry all the gay men she wants – and is still planning to marry Joey Graceffa. Watch out, Daniel.

In a now-private Google Hangout with Kory DeSoto, she revealed why.

Colleen On Hanging Out One-On-One With Straight Guys: “It’s not Appropriate”

Colleen explained why she does not often hang out with straight guys one-on-one.

“It’s not appropriate for me to hang out one-on-one with a straight boy, when I’m in a serious relationship.”

Colleen and Josh.

Colleen and Josh in love. (Photo: Instagram)

She also said that she simply identified with gay men more. “I’m pretty much a gay man. I just get along with them better.”

Colleen with Frankie Grande, Todrick Hall and Daniel Franzese

Colleen with Frankie Grande, Todrick Hall and Daniel Franzese. (Photo: Instagram)

“So, I hang out with gay guys. Also, I get along better with them, I have more in common.”

Colleen with Kory and Scott

Colleen with Kory and Scott. (Photo: Instagram)

Colleen said she was not a fan of frat bros. “Straight guys are annoying to me…bros. Not into it.”

Colleen with Joey Graceffa and Connor Franta.

Colleen with Joey Graceffa and Connor Franta.

Colleen also said that she didn’t have many female friends until recently. “Now I’m starting to get along with girls better. I never had girl friends. They get more toned down and chill.”

Miranda with Todrick, Lance Bass and Tyler Oakley.

Miranda with Todrick, Lance Bass and Tyler Oakley. (Photo: Instagram)

“Here’s the thing. I get along with boys better than I get along with girls. For the most part.”

Miranda Sings with Tronnor.

Miranda Sings with Tronnor. (Photo: Instagram)

“My girl friends aren’t typically gay. I do have gay girl friends too, but my boy friends are gay.”

Miranda Sings with Shane Dawson and Kingsley.

Miranda Sings with Shane Dawson and Kingsley. (Photo: Twitter)

Mystery solved!

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