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You Won’t Believe Why Marzia’s Bra Caused a Scandal

CutiePieMarzia in her room. (Photo: YouTube)

A seemingly innocuous video featuring Marzia Bisognin and boyfriend Pewdiepie has turned into a dramatic comment war.

The video itself is rather unremarkable. It is a Spooky Drawing challenge, where the couple try to one-up each other.

It is not the content of the video that has gotten viewers all hot and bothered – but what Marzia appears to be wearing. Let’s take a look.

Marzia and Pewdiepie.

A screenshot of Marzia’s scandal-causing b******. (Photo: YouTube)

In the video, Felix Kjellberg can be seen wearing a pink inflatable crown, purple t-shirt, and a feminine collar.

However, MarziaPie stood out in a sheer blouse and supposedly scandalous black top – which exposed what many thought was her bra and cleavage.

Fans React to Marizia’s Attire

This video elicited a variety of different reactions. First up, were the thirsty, excited boys.

Commenter likes kinky Marzia.

Spank me, Marzia!

Secondly, some commenters were appalled by the fact Marzia had allegedly flaunted her assets.

Marzia is shamed.

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The negative reactions caused a third reaction – where commenters defended Marzia’s right to wear whatever she d*** well pleased, and criticized the “immature” commenters.

Small cleavage, big drama.

Commenters are pigs!

Marzia Steps into the Comments to Defend Her Clothing

In fact, things got so heated that Marzia had to step into the comments and settle things once and for all.

She was very disappointed to see that fans were focusing on her cleavage. “This cat mask is NOT my halloween costume,” she says.

Marzia, who usually wears peter pan collared tops, says, “I am wearing a mesh top with another layered top underneath.”

“It is NOT a bra,” she confirms.

Marzia defends her cleavage.

Is this “scandal” a non-event or a big deal? Comment below and tell us!

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