YouTubers React to Bruce Jenner Coming out as Transgender

Gigi Gorgeous is one of many YouTubers who support Bruce. (Photo: YouTube / ABC)

Over 16.86 million people in the United States watched the two-hour ABC special where Bruce Jenner revealed, “I am a woman.”

Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender in a Record-Breaking ABC Special with Diane Sawyer

The Olympic gold medalist discussed struggling with gender dysphoria, and how it still impacts familial and social relationships, in the two-hour special on ABC.

The special notched a record-breaking rating of 5.2 in Adults 18-49, and 16.86 million total viewers – a miraculous feat for a typically low-rated Friday night.

Gigi Gorgeous & Kylie Jenner Have a Moment

Gigi Gorgeous held back tears as she watched the Bruce Jenner special.

“I can relate to that so much. I’ve been through it. It just really, really touched me very deeply. To go on this stand for the whole world to be laughing at, pointing fingers at – amazing. Bruce, I want to give you a big hug,” Gigi said.

Bruce’s daughter Kylie Jenner retweeted Gigi’s video and replied, saying she loved her.

Kylie Jenner loves Gigi

Andrea Russett Calls out ‘Disgusting’ Wendy Williams for Anti-Bruce Comments

Wendy Williams recently called Bruce Jenner a “fame w****” that “should have thought about transitioning before having all the kids”. “Shame on you,” Wendy said on her show.

This outraged Andrea Russett, who tweeted, “Your very blatant disrespect, ignorance and insensitivity about Bruce is beyond disgusting & disappointing. No longer a viewer.”

Andrea Russett calls out Wendy Williams.

YouTubers Tweet in Support of Bruce Jenner

Troye Sivan was on the verge of tears. “What a huge day for Bruce Jenner, the trans* community,” he tweeted.

Troye Sivan in tears.

Shane Dawson, who once described himself in a podcast as “obsessed with transgender people” and said he “always watches videos of surgery on YouTube” – was moved. “OMG, when Bruce showed Diane the dress he wants to wear I lost it.”

Shane Dawson lost it.

Queen of YouTube Jenna Marbles proclaimed her love for the “new internet queen”.

Jenna Marbles wants a queen.

Zoella tweeted, “This will open minds and help so many. ”

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Zoella and Bruce.

Trisha Paytas said, “I never cared about anything the Kardashians really do, but Bruce’s interview last night was so f****** great!”

Trisha Paytas and Bruce.

Tanya Burr sent love to Bruce. “I hope his bravery inspires others who are struggling in silence.”

Tanya Burr and Bruce.

Scott Hoying was “incredibly proud and happy” for Bruce.

Scott Hoying and Bruce.

Jonah Green was so excited that he made a b****** joke about Bruce Jenner’s name. #WeLoveBJs.

Jonah Green b*******.

Dylan Dauzat said, “Proud of you, Bruce Jenner. Very proud.”

Dylan Lauzat is proud.

Colleen Ballinger was one of the many YouTubers who begged their fans for interview links.

Colleen Ballinger is stressed.

Lohanthony questioned the rumored “Belinda” name and said, “I’m proud of ya.”

Lohanthony and Belinda.

Gabriella Rose said, “I just hope Bruce is happy and people learn to accept and be kind to people.”


Jack Matthew sent love and support to Bruce.

Jack Baran and Bruce.

Controversial Onision told Bruce’s haters to “deal with it”.

Onision and Bruce.

Jenn McAllister said, “Such an important day in history…proud to be a part of this accepting generation.”

Jennxpenn and Bruce.

Andrea Brooks praised Bruce’s bravery.

Andrea Brooks and Bruce.

Aaron Rhodes, who came out recently, tweeted, “Live your truth.”

Aaron Rhodes tweeted.

So many others supported Bruce that we can’t fit them all on his page.

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