8 Tips to Be Insta-Famous from Brandon Cole Bailey & Daveywavey

Brandon Cole Bailey and Daveywavey teach you how to get tons of followers and likes. (Photo: Instagram)

Some people want to find solutions for world hunger, help the poor, or negotiate world peace. But if you’re like us, sometimes you just want to have a crap-ton of followers and likes on Instagram.

Gay model Brandon Cole Bailey, known as Itsreallyken on Instagram, has over 52,000 dedicated followers that follow his every move. He joined forces with YouTuber Daveywavey, who has over 180,000 followers on Instagram, to give some tips on how to become famous online.

We’ve summarized their top 8 tips to becoming insta-famous.

1. Make Unique Content

Davey says, “There are 87,000 combinations of Starbucks drinks – so think of all the unique and amazing photos that you can take with them.”

Itsreallyken and Daveywavey are instafamous.
Get instafamous with Itsreallyken and Daveywavey. (Photo: Instagram)

2. Be Wary of the Time of Day You Take the Selfie

The most flattering time to take a selfie is in the middle of the night, when the lights are off – says Davey.

Daveywavey in bed.
Daveywavey says the best lighting is when the lights are off.

3. Be Diverse and Switch Things up in Your Posts.

They claim that duckface isn’t the be-all and end-all of facial posing. In fact, there are many forms of duckface – try them all to see what works best.

Brandon does duckface.
Brandon’s many duckfaces.

4. Have a Strategy behind Your Selfies

Sometimes, you need to strategize when it comes to your shirtless selfies. You can’t be posting everything from the same angle and the same location.

“Sometimes do it from the right, sometimes you do it from the left,” they advise.

Brandon Cole Bailey shirtless in bed.
Brandon Cole Bailey takes a shirtless selfie in bed.

5. Stand up for What You Believe In

When you take your selfies, you should alternate between sitting down and standing up. “Sometimes you just want to lie down,” they say.

Brandon Bailey and Daveywavey on Instagram.
Brandon Bailey and Daveywavey shirtless.

6. Capture the Most Important Moments

Your fans want to see everything you do. Like when you are fixing your hair, or when you’re really really tired, or when you’re taking a dump. Show them every moment, they advise.

Daveywavey and Brandon strip off.
Shirtless Brandon Cole Bailey and Daveywavey teach you how to be famous on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

7. Be Very Original

One way to be very original, is to go to the gym and take a picture of yourself flexing in the mirror, they say. I bet nobody has thought of that before!

Daveywavey and Brandon Cole Bailey at the gym.
Daveywavey and Brandon Cole Bailey take shirtless selfies at the gym.

8. Be Shirtless

If you don’t have your t***, then what do you have? Brandon and Daveywavey claim that the most important tip for both girls and guys is to be shirtless. Show your t*** to your fans.

I mean, what do think they’re looking for on Instagram – a personality? A message? No. Your t***.

Brandon and Daveywavey's shirtless tip.
Brandon Cole and Daveywavey’s top tip for guys and girls.

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