Acacia Brinley Moves in with Boyfriend Jairus Kersey, Slams Fan Who Brings up THAT Ex

Acacia and Jairus are in love. (Photo: Twitter)

Acacia Brinley, 17, and Alive Like Me singer Jairus Kersey, 24, recently announced that they were getting a house together.

Acacia, who will be turning 18 next week, revealed that she was finally ready to fly the nest.

They loved-up pair been dating for a couple of months, following Acacia’s quiet breakup with rocker ex Benn Suede. They even have matching tattoos!

True Love: Acacia picks Jairus' nose.
True Love: Acacia picks Jairus’ nose. (Photo: Twitter)

Acacia & Jairus Start Their “Couple” YouTube Channel

The pair also started a “couple” channel on YouTube titled Acacia and Jairus, and have already posted nine vlogs.

Acacia and Jairus kissing.
Jairus goes in for the kiss on YouTube. (Photo: YouTube)

Acacia announced, “I made a new YouTube channel. It is a vlog channel with Jairus. He is the cutest boy EVER. The cutest boy in the WORLD. Isn’t he just the sweetest, cutest muffin?”

Jairus said, “The vlog channel is basically just us doing absolutely nothing and going and getting food. And going to Ikeas. And that’s it. Just hanging out and being in love.”

Jairus lounges on the grass with girlfriend Acacia.
Jairus lounges on the grass with girlfriend Acacia. (Photo: Instagram)

Acacia & Jairus Talk About Their New House Together, & Their New YouTuber Neighbors

“That’s huge. I have been waiting so long. I have been waiting 18 years for this,” Acacia said in a video. They showed fans a sneak peek.

“In my family, being 18 means ‘see you later’ and moving out. And you start your own life.”

Acacia and Jairus Kersey.
Acacia and Jairus Kersey pose on Twitter. (Photo: Twitter)

“So I am about to start my journey. Being an adult.”

Jairus kisses Acacia.
Jairus kisses Acacia. (Photo: Instagram)

“I have been house-hunting all month with Jairus and we found this perfect place.”

Acacia's new boyfriend Jairus.
Acacia’s new boyfriend Jairus. (Photo: Instagram)

“It is perfect and it is beautiful. And I love it.”

Jairus looks at Acacia in the car.
Jairus looks at Acacia in the car. (Photo: Instagram)

In a later vlog, she revealed that she got an even better house. “Everybody, as you know, we have been searching very hard for a house. As of today, WE HAVE A HOUSE! We got the keys!”

Jairus kisses Acacia in the swimming pool.
Jairus Kersey and Acacia Brinley go for a swim. (Photo: Instagram)

“We have really cool neighbors. Most of you guys know this guy. Jonah Green. He’s in SDK. On YouTube. He’s going to be one of my neighbors. How cool is that?”

Jairus and Acacia pose on Instagram.
Jairus and Acacia pose on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

“We got the house! Two stories! And that’s really weird for LA. Most houses here are one-story. It’s so cute. And I can’t wait to show you guys.”

Acacia Slams a Fan That Compares Jairus With Her Ex Benn

Jairus innocently posted a couple of photos from a hike with Acacia. “This morning was amazing!”


Fans immediately noticed some photographic similarities with a previous outing she had with ex Benn. Even the clothing was similar.


Acacia was outraged that the fan replied to Jairus’ tweet in that way, where he likely saw it. “Are you kidding me? This is so disrespectful!”


Fans then started fighting amongst each other. “You were asking for it!” was one top reply. “F****** respect!” some fans fired back.


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