Alfie Deyes Threatens Fans: “I’ll Stop Vlogging If You Leave Negative Comments”

Alfie Deyes gives the thumbs up: Positive comments only! (Photo: YouTube)

Only positive comments are allowed on PointlessBlog! Alfie is not a fan of viewers that leave negative comments, and threatens to stop daily vlogging altogether like girlfriend Zoella.

In a shirtless daily vlog rant, Alfie even threatens to turn off comments like Pewdiepie if conditions do not improve in his comments section.

This outburst comes after fans called him out on his flippant use of the term “OCD” in a previous daily vlog. Fans also questioned Zoella’s controversial a**-poking of Jim Chapman on a previous video – by the way, we’re not kidding on that one.

Alfie Defends Zoe Over Her A**-Poke of Jim Chapman

In the rant, Alfie flips open a laptop in bed and begins to scold his viewers. He begins by introducing the first issue – Zoella’s “poking” of Jim’s behind.

He explains, “Every evening when I get into bed, I like to read through the comments of the previous day’s vlog. I’m doing that right now on yesterday’s video. But it makes me really, really sad to see how many of you go absolutely crazy over the littlest things in the comments. The most ridiculous, small things! It makes me really, really sad.”

“Today, there are two main things people are going nuts about. Number one, the fact that Zoe poked Jim in the bum [in the previous video called Secret Chocolate Stash].”

It is not surprising that viewers are now more sensitive to such issues, considering Sam Pepper’s recent YouTube exile. However, in this case, it was consensual a**-poking between friends, Alfie says.

Zoella adds, “He had jeans on.”

Alfie continues, “His bum wasn’t out, he wasn’t in boxers. So, Zoe poked Jim’s jeans, and people getting cross. If it was an issue, then Jim would have acted annoyed. Like, you guys need to chill out, seriously now. I’m saying this in a serious tone. Chill out. I don’t like it at all. I really don’t like it at all!”

Alfie Defends Against ‘OCD’ Criticism: “One in Every Three Comments Is Negative in This Video!”

Alfie then addresses the second issue – the fact that he flippantly used the term “OCD” in a conversation – which some viewers took offense to.

“The number two thing people are mad about… is the fact I used the word ‘OCD’ in a video about being tidy. I know that OCD is a very serious mental disorder!”

“And I ‘m not trying to say I have a serious mental disorder. All I’m saying is that I used it. I referred to it as me liking and needing things ‘in routine’ and tidy. I wasn’t trying to say I had a disorder. That was me offhandedly using the term ‘OCD’.”

“OCD is often characterized and used by many people – not just myself – as a term for meaning that people need to have things very tidy. Whether that is true or not is another matter.”

“But you guys – just because I used that one term very, very offhandedly, doesn’t mean you have to go in!”

“I mean, one in every three comments is negative in this video – mainly about OCD, or very rarely about Zoe poking Jim in the bum.”

“Chill out! Chill out guys! I didn’t say anything offensive,” he says as his voice starts rising and Zoella laughs in the background.

Alfie continues, “It’s absolutely insane. Guys, you need to stop.”

Alfie Only Wants Positive Comments: “Stop!”

Alfie then describes the types of positive-only comments that he would like to see on his videos.

“I’m making daily vlogs to be fun. I should be reading comments about people being like ‘oh my god, at one minute and a half he says this’ or ‘this bit made me laugh’ or ‘I liked this bit’ or ‘you should do this tomorrow’, or ‘I saw this thing in Brighton that you and Zoe should do together’.”

“Not ‘oh, I can’t even believe Alfie and Zoe having a bath together’.”


Many fans also agreed with Alfie, and defended his views.

Alfie and Zoella deserve respect.
People are bullying Alfie.

Zoella & Alfie Threaten Viewers: “I Won’t Do Daily Vlogs”

Alfie then says he never complains or moans about anything. “I’m actually moaning now, I never moan about anything, but I’m being serious,” he warns.

“I won’t do daily vlogs when all of you are so negative.”

Zoella then adds her two cents, and warns viewers of what their negativity might do.

Zoella says, “This is why I stopped daily vlogs, guys. It SCARES me. It shouldn’t have to scare you to go into the video and look at the comments. Everyone should be happy and positive.”

She then threatens, “It will mean Alfie won’t do them anymore.”

“It puts us in a bad mood,” she says.

Alfie then threatens to disable comments and says, “I don’t want to have to do what Felix – Pewdiepie – did, and just turn off all the comments.”

“You have a choice. You can be positive or negative. But I only like positive people.”

Fans React to Alfie’s Threats

However, Alfie’s pleas for completely positive comments did not seem to dissuade commenters from giving “negative” opinions. Unfortunately for Alfie, almost every single top comment was negative.

Fan unsubscribes.
Respect fans, Alfie.
The real world, Alfie.
Alfie is insensitive.
Get over yourselves.
Alfie and Zoella, take seats.
Alfie and Zoella are not realistic.
Alfie and Zoella are millionaires.
Alfie has communication problems.
Alfie needs to check his ego.
Alfie aggravates viewers.

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