Alx James Claims ‘Spiteful’ Young YouTubers Spit on Fans at Playlist Live

Alx James did not name any names. (Photo: Twitter / ExpoZero)

Whenever Playlist Live rolls around, there are always reports of upset fans being denied and ignored by their favorite stars.

But it appears to have gone a step further this time, with some YouTubers channeling Justin Bieber and literally spitting on their own fans.

Viner and YouTuber Alx James blasted these “spiteful” YouTubers, but declined to name any names.

Alx James Disapointed at ‘Hateful, Rude’ Young YouTubers

“This past weekend at Playlist was not only a great weekend, but it was an extreme eye opener to the other people that work in this industry with me,” he tweeted.

“I am extremely disappointed by the vast majority of young YouTubers.”

“Some of them are the most rude, spiteful, and truly hateful people I have ever met.”

“Which is appalling considering the amazing support they get from their fans.”

“I heard some of you guys were spit on by them, denied pictures, and completely unacknowledged by some of your favorites.”

Alx James says people spit on fans.

“I’m truly sorry you guys had to experience that and you don’t deserve it!”

“All I can say is unsubscribe from them and stop watching them!”

“Again, I love you guys and truly appreciate everything you do.”

Alx James Clarifies YouTubers (Literally) Lobbed Spit at Fans

When some fans questioned if he was being literal, Alx clarified that he was. “They literally spit on them,” he confirmed.

Literally spitting!

Who do you think the culprits are?

The list of YouTubers (and Viners) that showed up at Playlist Live is very long – the list can be found on the Playlist Live website.

Social media chatter is currently pointing fingers at Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, or some male Viners with YouTube channels – although it was possibly “just accidental”.

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