See Andrea Russett & Sean O’Donnell Kissing on Snapchat!

Andrea Russett made out with model Sean O'Donnell during a hot tub party. (Photo: Instagram)

Yesterday, Andrea Russett had an interesting night of hot-tub action, dating, making out and partying – but not everything is as it seems. Scroll down to the bottom to see what Andrea did with Sean!

Fans were initially confused by her Snapchat account (@andwizzle) yesterday, since she seemed a bit out-of-character. Here’s why.

Sean O'Donnell shirtless.
Sean O’Donnell admires a shirtless poster of himself. (Photo: Instagram)

We can reveal that Andrea is actually starring in a live, five-day “Snapchat horror movie” called Sickhouse.

For five days, on her Snapchat (@andwizzle), she will be blending fantasy with reality by acting out live scenes alongside co-stars Sean O’Donnell (@seanodonnell34), Lukas Gage (@lukamills) and more.

What’s real and what’s fake? You decide!

Andrea Russett Locks Lips with Model Sean O’Donnell

We will start from the very beginning of the night.

On her Snapchat, Andrea was seen browsing through a mysterious website about a terrifying location. “The basement where they tortured people or something, or killed everyone. That’s really scary. So we’ll be going in there…”

Mysterious Website: Andrea finds a scary location to visit.

She also introduced JC Caylen, Lukas and Sean to her blonde “cousin” Taylor. “This is my cousin Taylor, everyone!”

Andrea Russett and cousin Taylor.
This is my cousin Taylor! Andrea introduces her new blonde buddy.

Andrea’s “cousin” Taylor used Andrea’s Snapchat account throughout the night, serving up a bunch of creepy lines. “I used to have a lot of really good friends. But I did something kinda bad, and I don’t think they’re ever going to forgive me,” she foreshadowed.

What’s horror without romance? Sean and Andrea were spotted getting cozy and being adorable on the sofa!

Andrea and Sean.
Romance Blooms: Andrea Russett and Sean O’Donnell talked on the couch.

JC Caylen spent most of his time playing with a cat and his phone. Was this part of the plot? Or just JC being JC?

JC Caylen.
JC Caylen fiddles with his phone with a kitten.

The group then sat around and started discussing the creepy website. “It was just cryptic as hell!” Sean said. JC was reluctant to go, but the group eventually decided to go to the scary ‘Sickhouse’ later in the week.

Lukas then told the group that he already visited the Sickhouse, and warned them. “I went inside. And it’s messed up. Don’t make any noise. Never go inside. And always leave a gift at the porch. Always.”

Andrea Russett party.
Scared? Andrea, Sean, JC, Lukas and “Taylor” discuss the scary location.

“Andrea is low-key scared about it!” JC joked. “I am NOT scared at all,” Andrea said.

Andrea and Sean were also “caught” making out in the hallway as their “relationship” progressed.

Andrea Russett and Sean O'Donnell kiss.
Kissing! Andrea Russett and Sean O’Donnell were “caught” making out on Snapchat.

The night didn’t end there, and the group stripped off for some hot tub action.

Sean O'Donnell.
Shirtless Sean O’Donnell discusses plans in a hot tub.
Andrea Russett in hot tub.
Hot Tub Party: Andrea, Sean, JC, Lukas and “Taylor” get wet.

However, the night ended on a sad note, as Andrea revealed that the kitten named Itty Bitty died after being brought to a 24-hour emergency vet.

How will the story end? You’ll just have to follow Andrea’s Snapchat (@andwizzle) to see what happens throughout the week! We hear they’re going camping next!

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