Angry Kalel Rants at Haters That Say She’s Ugly, Has Bad Skin & a Big Nose

Kalel Kitten wants the haters to shop. (Photo: Instagram)

Kalel Kitten is sick of “haters” leaving mean messages about her big nose, bad skin and “ugly” body on her Instagram account. “Just let me rant. I just can’t with these people anymore,” she exclaims.

“I’m so unbelievably sick of seeing people on social media, f**king Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. People post photos of themselves and people make these types of comments.”

She even reveals that she once contemplated plastic surgery to fix her b**** and nose.

Kalel Wants You to Stop Hating on Her Face

Kalel lists a few common criticisms people attack her with.

“Oh my god, you’re pretty, but your nose is way too big! It’s MY nose! Your eyes are way too close together. Your ears look like Dumbo. Your skin is way too dark,” she says.

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“Take a step back, do you think YOU’RE f**king perfect? Really? You think there’s nothing wrong with YOU?”

Kalel Kitten GIF.
Kalel is a big fan of her face.

Kalel Says Her “Bad Skin” Is Genetic & Can’t Help It

She then explains that her “poor skin” is genetic, and she has tried everything to rid herself of acne. “This is my f**king face!”

Kalel often gets criticized whenever she goes without makeup – like in this video, where Kalel vlogged makeup-free – resulting in a brutal comments section attacking her looks.

Kalel Kitten with no makeup.
Kalel got abuse for this makeup-free video. (Photo: YouTube)

Kalel Says She Considered Plastic Surgery for Her Nose & B****

“What the f**k do you want me to do about this? Do you want me to go get a nosejob?”

“I have had moments where I have considered plastic surgery. Like REALLY considered.”

“With what I do, I feel a lot of pressure to be perfect. It would, on some level, make my life a little bit easier if I did have the perfect nose & slightly bigger b****.”

Kalel Makes a Controversial Comment About Pregnancy: B**** Turn to S**t!

“But I don’t think I’ll ever do [plastic surgery] Unless I end up having like five kids and my b**** just turn to s**t,” she cackles.

This comment caused some controversy, with some claiming it invalidated her “everyone is beautiful” message.

Not my intention!

Kalel even had to respond, saying, “Ok, whoa. Not my intention. Have you seen a woman’s b****** / nipples after breast-feeding 5 children?”

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