Cameron Dallas & Hailey Baldwin Caught on TWO Romantic Dates!

Is Cameron Dallas dating Hailey Baldwin? (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin seem to be getting very close lately.

In fact, the pair have been spotted on not one, but two dates this week! Do we have a brand new couple in our midst?

Cameron and Hailey.
Cameron Dallas pouts as he lies in bed with Hailey Baldwin. (Photo: Instagram)

The duo actually met a few months back, but things appear to be heating up right now.

Cameron Dallas Goes on a Cute Lunch Date With Hailey Baldwin

Late last week, Cameron was spotted grabbing a midday meal with none other than Hailey Baldwin. They strolled confidently to Urth Caffé in Los Angeles, and the paparazzi recorded their every move.

Cameron with Hailey.
Cameron kept Hailey close as they walked side-by-side. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron wore an all-white outfit, while Hailey created contrast with some black leather.

Cameron Dallas on date.
Cameron Dallas looks engrossed in his lunch date with Hailey. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron was even spotted stroking Hailey’s arm as they talked and talked. Could he be Hailey’s perfect new boyfriend?

Hailey & Cameron Catch up in a Romantic Evening Dinner

Just this week, Cameron and Hailey were spotted AGAIN by the paparazzi as they went to another celebrity hotspot – Katsuya.

Cameron Dallas topless.
Cameron Dallas shows off his ripped body by the sea. (Photo: Instagram)

The pair enjoyed some Japanese cuisine in the evening, and drove back home together.

Hailey and Cam.
Oops! Caught by the cameras. Hailey & Cam look at the paps. (Photo: Instagram)

Keenly aware of the cameras, Hailey and Cam matched in black while they walked in and out.

Cameron and Hailey.
Cameron & Hailey even went on a romantic evening date. (Photo: Instagram)

Do you think they could be the perfect pairing?

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