Andrea Russett: I’m NEVER Getting Back with Kian EVER AGAIN!

Andrea Russett hit back at Kian Lawley. (Photo: Instagram)

Andrea Russett has hit back at rumors that she’s supposedly “getting back with ex Kian Lawley” again.

It all started when Kian posted a Kiandrea throwback without explaining why.

Andrea Russett.
Andrea Russett takes a pretty photo in the water. (Photo: Instagram)

Kian Lawley Posts a Kiandrea Throwback Photo with Andrea Russett, Fans Swoon

Kian Lawley suddenly posted an old photo of Andrea Russett on his Instagram. He didn’t write a caption, so fans freaked out. Fans started assuming that he was getting back with Andrea.

Kian Lawley posted this photo of Andrea Russett. (Photo: Instagram)

Kian never clarified anything, and the photo hit an astounding 65,000 comments on Instagram!

Andrea Russett Says She Has No Idea Why Kian Posted That

Andrea Russett was bombarded with questions about Kian’s photo, but she was as shocked as her fans. On Snapchat, she cleared the air.

“Hello Snapchat! Really quick. I just want to address the whole photo-on-Kian’s-Instagram thing. Because I am getting a lot of questions flyin’ at me.”

“100% honesty with you guys right now. I am literally just as confused as you.”

Kian Lawley shirtless.
Kian Lawley shirtless at the beach. (Photo: Instagram)

Andrea revealed that she no longer talks to Kian at all. “I don’t talk to him. I haven’t for months. I did NOT know that was being posted. I am just as confused.”

“We are NOT getting back together. We’re NOT talking about getting back together. Let’s move on. Let’s talk about my campaign with The Thirst Project!”

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