Fake Fight? Bart Baker, Twan Kuyper & Jake Foushee Get into Physical “Fight” with Stranger (VIDEO)

Bart Baker, Twan Kuyper and Jake Foushee got rowdy. (Photo: Twitter)

Twan Kuyper, Bart Baker and Jake Foushee recorded their physical “fight” with an angry stranger on Snapchat – but fans weren’t too convinced. What do you think?

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Bart, Twan & Jake Fight a Stranger (VIDEO)

We made a helpful compilation of the incident by stitching their Snapchat videos together below.

The trio, who were playing around outside, were interrupted by an angry man. “Yo, just chillin’ on a court – what the hell?!” Twan begins.

“Yo! Take it easy, man!” Twan tells the man.

The man spots Twan recording, and shouts, “What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck outta here!”

The altercation then escalated into a good ol’ fashioned physical “fight” with a lot of shoving and police threats.

According to Bart, the apparent “fight” started because they were being too loud.


The Trio Cross-Promote Their Snapchat Accounts & Start a Hashtag

They made sure to pimp out their Snapchat accounts multiple times.


Their management even got into the spirit of things, with the hashtag #BTJsnapchatfight.


Fans Aren’t Too Convinced

However, many fans didn’t buy it.

“Because it is totally normal to make a hashtag and promote each other doing and after a fight,” a sarcastic fan tweeted.

“I’m laughing at how pathetic you are,” another said.


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