Nasty Fangirl Shocks Bryce Hall by Touching His You-Know-What

Bryce Hall was shook after a fangirl did something to him. (Photo: Instagram)

Bryce Hall once got a surprise during a meet-and-greet with fans.

A very handsy fangirl got very personal with her idol Bryce, and proudly recorded the video for all to see.

She was then slammed by his fans on social media and laughed them off. Eventually, Bryce vindicated her.

Bryce Hall & Mikey Barone.
Bryce Hall & his best friend Mikey Barone strip shirtless in the sunlight. (Photo: Instagram)

A Fangirl Gets Up Close & Personal With a Shirtless Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall was posing for photos with fans like he often does. He was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans.

Bryce Hall bulge.
A girl rests her hand on Mr. Hall’s abdomen.

He got a request to lift up his shirt for the photo, and obliged, displaying his abs for the photographer.

The fangirl got into position on her knees, with her palm spread on Bryce’s nether regions.

Bryce Hall.
Bryce Hall recoils as the girl flips her hair away.

However, Bryce was in for a surprise. The girl then decided to slide her hand down even lower, which gave him a shock. Bryce recoiled and grasped his crotch in mock indignation.

Bryce Hall naked.
Bryce Hall wraps himself in a towel while displaying his torso for the camera. (Photo: Instagram)

The girl walked away, appearing quite proud of herself. She did a sassy hair flip, too.

The Fangirl Defends Herself From Fans Attacking Her

After she proudly posted the video on Twitter, fans started to slam her.

Bryce Hall looking sexy.
Bryce Hall displays his abs while having fun at a party. (Photo: Instagram)

They attacked her on Instagram, too. “Really out here grabbing dicks,” a fan wrote. She clapped back. “No. People are making a big deal out of nothing.”

She laughed off suggestions of assault. “If all these people actually care about sexual assault, why don’t they stand up for actual cases?”

She said all the people attacking her were hilarious.

“I am cracking up at these comments. When and where did Bryce ever say he was uncomfortable or that he felt sexually harassed?”

No Harm Done: Bryce Hall Laughs It Off, Follows the Girl on Twitter

The girl was eventually vindicated when Bryce tweeted her back and followed her.

Brikey (Bryce & Mikey) gay?
Mikey Barone & Bryce Hall (Brikey) show off their bodies in black-and-white. (Photo: Instagram)

“It’s okay,” the girl wrote.

“I have been getting it all over Twitter, and honestly, Bryce does not care. So I am not bothered by it.”

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