Cameron Dallas ACCUSED of ‘Shaming’ Jessica Alba at the Teen Choice Awards

Cameron Dallas found himself in some more controversy. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas showed up at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards to claim his new surfboard, and ended up generating some controversy!

Cameron was accused of being sexist after one of his unscripted throwaway jokes about Jessica Alba was interpreted as being misogynistic.

Cameron Dallas shirtless.
Cameron Dallas goes for a shirtless swim in the pool. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas Makes a Joke About Jessica Alba

Cameron Dallas won the “Choice Social Media King” category at the TCAs, and was in the green room being interviewed by Hunter March.

Cameron Dallas' surfboard.
Cameron Dallas won this award.

The interview was supposed to used as fluffy filler. Hunter asked Cam if he was ready to play a game of “Teen Choice: Would You Rather”, and Cameron agreed!


Hunter then asked Cameron if he would rather use Jessica Alba or Justin Timberlake’s toothbrush.

Cam Dallas.
Cameron Dallas strips off next to a fence. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron’s reply stirred up some drama. “Man… I would use Justin Timberlake’s, because I do not know where Jessica Alba’s been.”

Jessica Alba and Nash and Hayes.
Jessica Alba posing with Nash and Hayes Grier. (Photo: Instagram)

Nobody actually knows what he really meant by that throwaway joke, but some people didn’t find it very funny. Some thought he was implying that Jessica Alba was unhygienic because of her sexual history.

Cameron Dallas Makes (Negative) Headlines

Cameron Dallas’ joke made headlines! A Bustle writer slammed called his joke “offensive” and “misogynistic” and even asked his team for an official comment.

Headlines! Cameron was slammed by this writer.

The writer defended Jessica and called her a “mother, entrepreneur, actor, businesswoman” with “many successful ventures”. “Where has she been?” the writer wrote. “That’s none of your business… joking about it is offensive.”

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