Cameron Dallas Kisses Elena Kampouris on NBC’s American Odyssey (GIFS)

Cameron Dallas beds an underage Elena Kampouris on NBC's American Odyssey. (Photo: NBC)

Yesterday, Cameron Dallas made his shirtless NBC debut as a devious spy, on the probably-cancelled television show American Odyssey.

Like something out of a Wattpad fanfic, Cameron Dallas – who plays a 21-year-old on the show – has illegal relations with the 17-year-old character played by Elena Kampouris.

He initially rejects her advances, but they end up kissing multiple times.

International rap star Cameron Dallas has previously starred in the iTunes #1 hit Expelled, and is set to star in The Outfield with Nash Grier, out soon.

“We could go out,” Elena asks Cameron on the show. “What’s the matter?”

“This was a mistake. It’s not that I don’t like you. Because I do.” Cameron says.

“I really like you too,” she responds. “So?”

“I’m 21, you’re 17. You’re still in high school. Technically what we just did was against the law,” Cameron warns.

“Felt so good, it should be,” she says. “I’m serious, I could go to jail,” he responds.

They kiss anyway.

Later in the episode, Cameron Dallas gets outed as a spy – and gets strangled by Elena’s on-screen father Peter Facinelli.


1. Cameron Dallas Waits in the Bedroom

Cameron thinks about his evil plot to seduce Elena – in order to spy on her father.


Cameron Dallas' shirtless scene.


2. Cameron Rejects Elena’s First Kiss

“This was a mistake. It’s not that I don’t like you. Because I do,” Cameron tells Elena.


Cameron Dallas kissing.


3. Elena Kampouris Eats Cameron’s Face

Undeterred, Elena sucks on Cam’s face – while Cameron acts uninterested.


Cameron Dallas' sexy session.


4. Cameron Finally Gives In

Cameron and Elena get it on, as the camera pans away.


Elena and Cameron kissing.


5. Cameron Dallas’ Behind-the-Scenes Action

Elena and Cameron take a selfie together.


Elena and Cam!


6. Cameron Gets Styled With Elena

The duo play dress up in their on-show costumes.


Cameron with Elena.


7. Cameron With Elena

The pair make funny faces.


Cameron Dallas is a spy.

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