Carter Reynolds Responds to Bisexual Rumors

Carter Reynolds cleared the air on YouNow. (Photo: Instagram)

Carter Reynolds cleared up rumors about his sexual orientation after a coming-out message was posted on his Instagram account.

Carter also appears to be a favorite target for hackers, and is getting “hacked” almost weekly – to the delight of his dedicated haters.

He was also supposedly doxxed by a hacking team, and had most of his personal information – including home addresses and numbers – exposed.

Carter Reynolds Keeps Getting Hacked, Over & Over

Carter, who probably needs to change his Instagram password, is constantly getting hacked.

Recently, a fake coming-out message duped many fans. “So, I’m bisexual. Still the same Carter, but I just love both genders. #LoveWins”

Carter Reynolds' coming out.
The fake coming-out that confused fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Other times, the “hacking” was more obvious. Like when hackers mocked him with racist captions. “Call me Ling Ling.”

A hacker posted racist messages.
A hacker posted racist messages. (Photo: Instagram)

Or when they posted, “I wanna sit on his lap.”

Instagram hacked.
A hacker wrote, “I wanna sit on his lap.” (Photo: Instagram)

Or when they tried to anger entire fanbases, by trashing Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and Lana Del Rey. “Demi Lovato is such an annoying b****!”

Lana, Demi, Dinah instagrams.
Fake Lana, Demi and Dinah attacks. (Photo: Instagram)

Sometimes, the “hacking” was subtle, like when his name was changed to “Carter Rapenolds”.

His name was changed to Carter Rapenolds.
His name was changed to Carter Rapenolds. (Photo: Instagram)

Other times, they were content with posting x-rated Ariana Grande messages.

A hacker posted an x-rated Ariana-related caption.
A hacker posted an x-rated Ariana-related caption. (Photo: Instagram)

Innocent bystanders were often dragged in. One time, a screenshot was posted of Rory Fitzpatrick’s account – and fans mistakenly thought he was the hacker.

Rory Fitzpatrick's Instagram.
The hacker dragged in innocent bystanders like Rory Fitzpatrick. (Photo: Instagram)

Carter Reynolds Denies Bisexual Rumors

On YouNow, some fans were still confused.

“No, I’m not bisexual, guys. I’m not bisexual. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual. But I’m not bisexual.”

“No, I know that there’s some little issue that when I got hacked. The hacker said I was bisexual. But nah, I’m not bisexual.”

“My Instagram was hacked, again.”


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