Carter Reynolds’ Half-Brother Won’t Lose Teaching Job despite Party Scandal

Adam Reynolds was cleared. (Photo: Vine)

Carter Reynolds’ 43-year-old half-brother Adam Reynolds was previously embroiled in a Carter-related scandal during spring break last year.

Adam was put on unpaid suspension after the principal accused him of insubordination and bad judgment, after he helped Carter organize a “disruptive” and possibly unauthorized party at the Hillsborough County middle school.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a student from the party, 14, also claimed she had sexual relations with Carter Reynolds, 17, at the teacher’s house – which looked bad for Adam, but was not found to be against the law.

Adam was recently cleared and will keep teaching.

What Happened Last Year?

Carter’s half-brother Adam, who taught physical education, was suspended for helping Carter host a small pizza party for female students at the school – which resulted in pandemonium and tons of uninvited girls banging on the doors.

The intimate group of girls were also asked to give their social media accounts to get follows. A student from the party then claimed she had a sexual encounter with Carter at the teacher’s house.

Adam also helped organize another “disruptive” meet-and-greet at a country club later on.

Adam’s judgement was called into question by the school principal, and he was accused of insubordination. He was placed on unpaid suspension pending a termination hearing.

Adam is Cleared, Will Keep Teaching

Adam will receive back pay and attorney fees after a board voted 4-3 to reinstate him.

While Adam will not be able to keep his old position, the district is set to find another slot for him elsewhere.

“I feel very vindicated…just glad that the majority of the board took the facts as they were…Here’s a principal that makes accusations that in the end prove to be unfounded, and yet I have to leave the school.” he told the Tampa Pay Times.

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