Here’s How to Be Carter Reynolds’ Perfect Girlfriend

Carter Reynolds talked about his ideal girl. (Photo: Instagram)

Are you “untrustworthy”? Are you a “shady” girl? Carter Reynolds would not date you.

A while ago, Carter Reynolds went on YouNow and talked about what he’s looking for in his ideal (next) girlfriend.

Carter Reveals What He’s Looking For In His Next Girlfriend

Carter said that he knows exactly what he wants. “Like, I have learned so much. I have only been in like three relationships. But I have learned so much in those relationships.”

Carter Reynolds.
Carter Reynolds in New York. (Photo: Instagram)

“I honestly know the exact type of girl I am looking for, and what I want. Like, I have learned so much just from being in those three relationships. And it’s crazy.”

“What kind of girl do I like? Let’s see, what kind of girl do I like…”

He said he wanted an active girl that didn’t Netflix and chill all day. “Um, likes to go out and do things and not just stay in all day.”

Staying In: Carter wants someone with his lifestyle. (Photo: Instagram)

However, you must also be open to staying in all day, if the need arises. “I do like a girl that does like staying in all day, at the same time. Because I love chillin’ and just chillin’.”

He said his new girl had to be trustworthy, without a “shady” past.

“So, a girl that I know I can trust. That doesn’t have any weird, shady a** past or whatever.”

Carter Swears off Girls for the Moment

“But I am not going to be in NO D*** RELATIONSHIP for a long, long, long, long a** m***********’ time.”

“Because that s*** is just like, a lot of stress.”

“Especially my last one.”

Carter Reynolds is looking at you.
Carter Reynolds is looking at you. (Photo: Instagram)

“Just because of the video doesn’t mean… that’s not the reason why I don’t want to be in a relationship. I just don’t want to.”

“I’d rather be single and have fun. And do whatever, and not like, worry about s***.”

“That’s the best life to live, honestly.”

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