Caspar Lee’s Mom Forces Him to Remove His New Nose Ring

Here's Caspar Lee getting his nose pierced. (Photo: YouTube)

Caspar Lee was very excited about his brand new nose ring. “All the girls are going to want to FUCK ME now!” he exclaimed.

However, there was one tiny snag – his mom hated it.

Caspar Lee.
Caspar Lee shirtless with his new nose ring. (Photo: Instagram)

Joe Sugg Holds Caspar’s Hand During His Nose Piercing

Joe Sugg was very amused as Caspar gripped tightly to his hand. “You are hurting ME now!”


Caspar was in shock.


Caspar insisted he was NOT in tears. “I’m not… I’m not crying!”


Joe even helped Caspar apply the aftercare spray at the beach.


It was still a little raw and bloody.

Caspar's nose ring.
Caspar’s nose ring. (Photo: YouTube)

Caspar’s Mom Is Not a Fan

He shocked his mom over a video chat. “One more thing!” He showed off his new nose ring.

She was shocked. “Caspar! It does not suit you. Your head is too big for a nose ring. You can hardly see it, and it’s like, eeeeeh. NO Caspar.”


“I think you’ve got enough girls without having to have a nose ring. I suppose you had one done in your tongue as well. These stupid rings, once you start, you get addicted to them. And you start putting them all over. I know you, Caspar! Please don’t start!”

“Joe made me do it,” Caspar said. “No, I didn’t! Caspar, you can’t throw me into this.” Joe replied.


“I believe you, I believe Caspar is just conning me. Caspar, the only answer is to get it out! You really need to take it out quickly. ALL your viewers shouldn’t have nose rings either.” she demanded. Caspar took it out.

Also, Joe promised that he would get a tattoo if Caspar’s video got 400,000 likes.


Here’s the video. Over halfway there!

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