Colleen Ballinger Speaks out about Her ‘Stalker’ Fiance, Sexism, Beyonce & Cyberbullies on The View

Colleen Ballinger unamused by Mike Huckabee on The View. (Photo: ABC PR)

Colleen Ballinger co-hosted The View today, after Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez pulled out due to prior commitments. She was joined by Beyonce’s pal Michelle Williams as they discussed hot topics.

They even met with controversial ex-governor Mike Huckabee, who recently slammed Beyonce for being a poor influence to young girls due to her over-sexualized music. Michelle was clearly not happy.

Rosie O’Donnell Reveals Her Daugher Watches Miranda Sings

Rosie reveals that her daughter Vivi watches Miranda videos, much like Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter.

Rosie asks Colleen how she came up with the Miranda character. “I was growing up with a lot of vocal performance majors, and there were a lot of cocky girls in my class. They were very rude to me, so I was kind of poking fun at them. It’s just a very cocky, untalented girl who thinks she is very, very talented when she’s not.”

“Where are those rude girls now?” Michelle taunts.

Miranda Sings on The View.
Miranda Sings on The View. (Photo: YouTube)

Colleen Hates the Word “Bae”

The table then argue about the word “bae”. Michelle Williams hates it, and says its Danish for p***.

Colleen says she puts everything she hates into the Miranda character, which would explain Miranda’s single, “Where My Baes At?”

Rosie asks how the word came to be. “I think it was a typo,” Colleen says. “It’s supposed to mean Before Anyone Else,” Michelle confirms.

Colleen Speaks Out Against the Contoversial Cyberbullying Password Law

They then discuss a controversial new law to combat cyberbullying, where schools can ask families to provide social media passwords to gain access to student accounts, if they think the student is up to something dodgy.

Michelle Williams is super excited about the law, but Colleen strongly disagrees. “At least get the parents involved,” she says. “I’m glad they are at least trying something against cyber-bullyiung. It’s horrible, I see it every day.”

“If it’s a true cyber-bully, they are just going to delete [their Twitter account] and keep doing it.”

Colleen Is Not a Fan of the Sexist Double Standard When People Call Older Women “Cougars”

They then talk about how Jennifer Lopez recently slammed the double standard when older women date younger men.

“There is definitely a negative connotation with older women dating younger men. I think that’s ridiculous. I don’t think older women should be looked down on for dating younger men,” Colleen says.

Colleen Ballinger with Rosie O'Donnell
Colleen Ballinger with Rosie O’Donnell on The View. (Photo: YouTube)

Colleen Reveals Fiance Joshua Pronounces Everything Wrong with His Southern Accent

“What I fight with my fiance [JoshuaDTV] about, that we Google, are the pronunciations of words.”

“He’s from the south, so he says everything wrong,” Colleen says to an unhappy crowd. “Just kidding!”

Colleen on How She Thought Joshua Was a Stalker & Axe-Murderer

Rosie asks Colleen where she met Joshua. “He saw my YouTube videos five years ago and messaged me on Facebook,” she confirms. “We met in person the day we met, and said I Love You.”

“I [Googled him], I stalked him on Facebook, because he first stalked me. He knew everything about me. This is a stalker, I should be careful. My parents were terrified, they thought he was going to be an axe murderer.”

Poor Michelle Williams then expresses disappointment in her relationship status, saying she needs to start a YouTube channel.

Colleen Questions Mike Huckabee While Michelle Williams Fumes

Colleen, who supports everything from gay marriage to women’s reproductive rights – is likely to hate Mike Huckabee’s homophobic policies, such as banning adoption by same-sex couples, and banning all gay marriage and civil unions.

Mike recently attacked Beyonce in a bid to garner publicity for his new book.

While Beyonce’s friend Michelle refused to look at Mike, Colleen kept it more civil, and asked, “Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie…a lot of people have more or less said they are running. What makes you different?”

“I’m on The View and they’re not,” Mike replies. He then goes into a long rant against Barrack Obama.

Colleen awkward at The View.
Colleen smiles on The View. (Photo: YouTube)

On the topic of Beyonce, Michelle Williams shouts, “She’s amazing!”

Mike disagrees, saying, “She does not need to do songs like Partition and Drunk in Love in order to be an effective and amazing talent. Because she is a role model for so many young women.”

Michelle Williams takes offense. “Very, very, very low [of you],” she says.

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