Connor Franta FINALLY Reveals What He’s Been Working on for a Year

Connor Franta revealed the project he has been working on. (Photo: Getty)

Connor Franta just revealed what he has been busy with for the entirety of 2015, just in time for Christmas.

“I have a super duper special announcement for you guys. This is honestly a really, really big thing.”

“As all of you know, I have been working on my brand Common Culture. And I have been teasing you guys for a year about this.”

Connor Franta.
Connor Franta looks away. (Photo: Instagram)

Connor Franta Officially Reveals His Big Secret: Common Culture

He told fans that his website for Common Culture was finally complete, after an entire year. “I have been working on this brand and this website for a year.”

“I designed it in Photoshop, and had to find someone to actually turn it into a website. Everything from the fonts, the logos, and the images used. Everything has been hand-picked and hand-crafted and hand-designed by me. My literal heart is in this website.”

Common Culture.
Common Culture website. (Photo: Common Culture)

Although at first glance, Common Culture might simply seem like fancy name for a “merch store”, Connor insisted that wasn’t the case.

He said he was “possessed by the pursuit of a higher standard” and “the collective idea of excellence”. “Our common interest in quality is our culture,” he wrote, channeling Gwyneth Paltrow.

Common Culture's excellence.
Excellence: Connor said it’s not just a merch store. (Photo: Common Culture)

What Is Connor Selling?

“I released Common Culture coffee back in January. I was working on a capsule collection back in like, June, I think it was. All of that stuff was leading up to his very big moment, where I will launch all of that under one website. One brand. One thing. And adding the music.”

Coffee from Connor.
Coffee is also for sale. (Photo: Common Culture)

“You will find things like coffee, clothing, compilations. Literally so many C’s.”

Special apparel.
Connor said his clothing was special. (Photo: Common Culture)

He made sure to point out that his apparel was not simply “logos tacked onto a generic mass-produced t-shirt”. He pointed out all the custom details.

Connor Franta.
Connor Franta in brown. (Photo: Instagram)

“Now that I have this hub to do design, I am going to be designing a lot of different types of products.”

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