Hillary Clinton Follows Connor Franta on Twitter

Is Hillary Clinton a Connor Franta fan? (Photo: Getty)

NBC News and YouTube recently teamed up for the first-ever live-streamed debate this cycle.

They invited four different YouTubers to ask a question to the candidates – Connor Franta, Marques Brownlee, Franchesca Ramsey and MinuteEarth .

Connor Franta is cool.
Connor Franta looking cool by some rocks. (Photo: Instagram)

Connor Franta Asks Hillary Clinton a Question

Connor Franta’s face was broadcast on a giant screen as he revealed his question. He told viewers that he was 23 years old, and that his main audience was roughly the same age.

Connor Franta.
Connor Franta asks Hillary a question.

He mentioned that Tumblr favorite Bernie Sanders was more popular than Hillary Clinton amongst his age group, and asked Hillary how she was going to continue to engage with millennials.

Hillary first thanked and congratulated Connor on getting 5 million views. “That is QUITE the accomplishment.”

Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton answers Connor’s question.

Hillary mentioned affordable college, student debts, and jobs. She even slammed a “concerted Republican assault”. “Young people value their independence,” she said.

Hillary Follows & Faves Connor on Twitter

Hillary later followed Connor on Twitter. She recently followed Hannah Hart, as well.

Connor followed by Hillary.
Connor is Hillary’s most recent follow. (Photo: Twitter)

She also faved his tweet about her – one of just 717 likes.

Connor Franta and Hillary Clinton.
Connor was Hillary’s most recent fave, (Photo: Instagram)

Franchesca Ramsey Asks Bernie a Question

Franchesca Ramsey asked a question about police violence to Bernie Sanders. She asked how he was going to make sure incidents of police violence are prosecuted and investigated fairly.

Unfortunately, Bernie had some hearing difficulties. “I apologize for not hearing all of that question,” he said.

After a while, Sanders said that each case should “trigger a U.S. attorney general’s investigation” – to rapturous applause.

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