So, How’s Connor Franta’s Thirst Project Fundraiser Coming Along?

Connor Franta's looking at you. (Photo: Twitter)

A few weeks ago, Connor Franta launched another birthday fundraiser for the Thirst Project – and it’s almost at the midway point.

Last year, Connor raised $230,000 for the Thirst Project in just one month – enough to build 19 wells.

For his efforts, he was honored with the Governor’s Award at the 6th Annual Thirst Gala, earlier this year.

Connor, Grace, Kian and JC at the Thirst Gala.
Connor, Grace, Kian and JC at the Thirst Gala. (Photo: Getty)

At the gala, Grace Helbig praised Connor, “He is a remarkable guy, to say the least. He inspired millions to look beyond their own lives!”

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Connor Franta Hits the $100,000 Mark

As of writing, there are 18 days left in the fundraiser – and Connor has already hit $100,000! He was very excited on Twitter. “That is eight wells and water for 4031 people!”


Each well in Swaziland costs around $12,000, and provides enough clean drinking water for up to 500 people. In fact, just a mere $25 can support one person for their entire life!

Connor Franta experiences it firsthand.
Connor Franta experiences it firsthand. (Photo: Twitter)

If you need other incentives, you can get various prizes like signed posters or skype calls, depending on how much you donate.

Prizes you can obtain.
Prizes you can obtain. (Photo: Prizeo)

Donators will be entered into a draw to win an all expenses paid trip (for two) to meet the man himself.

Connor Franta takes a selfie.
Connor Franta takes a selfie. (Photo: Instagram)

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