Crawford Collins Reveals If He Has a Girlfriend

Crawford Collins. (Photo: Twitter)

Crawford Collins went on YouNow and talked about everything.

He spoke out about that time he accidentally leaked Chris’ phone number to a horde of thirsty fans, and even revealed his secret fear.

Crawford Apologizes Profusely for Leaking Chris’ Number

If you don’t remember, Crawford accidentally leaked Chris’ number on YouNow – and fans are still making fun of him for the mistake.

“Whose number are we going to leak tonight? We’re going to leak all your favorites’ numbers. Nah. I’m just playing. It was a one-time thing. I’m not going to leak my number. I would, but like, my phone’s gonna blow up.”

Chris Collins and Crawford Collins.
Crawford and Chris. (Photo: Instagram)

Commenters jokingly made fun of him for being a number-leaker. “Don’t leak anyone’s number? Okay. Yeah! I get it! I leaked Chris’ number last time. I didn’t mean to, okay? I’m sorry. Y’all, don’t be mean about it. It was an accident.”

For some reason, he also wanted fans to know that he did not copy Chris’ fashion. “Let’s get this straight! Chris bought the same sweatshirt AS ME! It was never the other way around. So if you comin’ up here in his YouNow sayin’ I bought the same sweatshirt as Chris. Ya gots to leave! I’m totally kidding yo.”

Crawford Reveals He’s Taking Applications for a Girlfriend

Fans flooded the comments with questions about his girlfriend, so he finally put the rumors to rest. “Do you have a girlfriend? Nah, I’m single. So, ladies… how’s it goin’? Yeah, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Single and ready to mingle! I’m single. Imma eat a whole box of Pringles. And then maybe hit you up. But the Pringles are really good, so.”

Crawford Collins.
Crawford Collins found a girlfriend. (Photo: Instagram)

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend. If I could propose to Chipotle, I probably would.”

“Would you rather be my girlfriend, or be my girlfriend? You might as well be my girlfriend. There’s only two options. Be my girlfriend. Cool?”

Crawford Reveals His Secret Fear

Crawford talked about one of his phobias. “I hate the ocean. I am afraid of the ocean. I do not like the idea that there could be whales and sharks swimming under my feet and I can’t see any of it.”

Finding Nemo.
This is Crawford’s fear. (Photo: Disney)

“Sand gets everywhere. You go to the beach and you get sand in places you didn’t even know you had.”

Crawford Already Misses Canada, Goes Mad for Bieber

“I miss Canada. I haven’t been back in so long. Weirdly enough, I miss the snow. I haven’t seen snow in so long. I love snowboarding.”

Canadian export Justin Bieber.
Canadian export Justin Bieber. (Photo: Twitter)

“I got a beef to pick with Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s Canadian, and in Canada we say ‘sore-ree’, we don’t say ‘sah-ree’. Justin Bieber’s sayin’ ‘sah-ree’ and I thought he was Canadian. But it’s a dope song, so I’ll let it slide.”

“Justin Bieber’s new song is dope. Justin Bieber is killin’ it. This whole new album by Justin Bieber. This whole album is sick. Every song he has dropped has been awesome. Bieber’s killin’ it.”

Crawford Talks About Haters

“How do you deal with hate? Honestly, I used to let it get to me. But I have so many people who love what I do and so many people support me.”

Crawford standing around.
Crawford standing around. (Photo: Instagram)

He looked at the comments. “Someone said I’m dumb. That’s mean. I don’t know why you’d say that about me. It hurt my feelings.”

“What am I good at? My Webkinz account is pretty poppin’. I’m pretty good at eating cereal. I’m also pretty good at Call of Duty. I’m pretty good at FIFA. I will challenge ANYBODY at FIFA right now. Hit me up on Club Penguin, yo. What’s good, girl?”

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