Why Dan & Phil Are Moving for Good: “Get Us the Hell Out!”

Dan and Phil can't wait to leave their London apartment. (Photo: Instagram)

Dan Howell and Phil Lester recently announced that they were moving away from their legendary apartment in London, after five years of living there.

Since fans see the apartment in almost every single video they post, many were emotional and sad about the news.

However, the duo could not wait to leave. “Get us the hell out ASAP!” Dan exclaimed. “It has been a hamster cage. We have spent too many hours here.”

Dan and Phil in America.
No, Dan and Phil are not moving into The White House. (Photo: Instagram)

Dan & Phil Announce They’ll Be Leaving Their Iconic London Apartment

“We are MOVING!” the pair announced.

Phil reminded fans that they have lived in their London apartment for a whopping five years. Dan was shocked by the revelation that they spent so much time living there. “That is disgusting!”

They reminded fans what they used to look like when they originally moved in. “I looked like I was full of life,” Dan joked. “We’re dead now. We’re dying.”

Dan and Phil's old photo.
Throwback! Dan and Phil when they were younger.

Why on Earth Did Dan & Phil Decide to Move?

Dan told fans that they have outgrown the location. “We are desperately wanting to leave ASAP!”

Firstly, they complained that the apartment was impossible to store things in due to a lack of storage space. “We have too much miscellaneous s***,” Dan revealed. They showed a terrifying disembodied Dil head as an example.

Dan and Phil.
Dan and Phil reveal that they have nowhere to store this scary prop.

If you were wondering where the pair stored all their amazing props for their videos – they don’t.

What cupboards? Their storage consists of makeshift messiness.

Phil also said that another reason was because they were being triple-penetrated by noise – from drilling, the roads and neighbors. “It NEVER ends!” they said.

All day and all night! The drilling noises have driven them mad.

Another reason was the fact that their home was falling apart, with cracks EVERYWHERE.

Cracks in wall.
They’re scared the apartment will collapse on them.

Additionally, their internet speeds are tragic. Not to mention the mice and gas leaks. The lack of air-conditioning in the summer was troublesome, too.

They shared this (kind of) adorable video of a mouse in their home.

It’s the end of an era – and a new beginning!

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