Daveywavey Explains Why He’s Leaving His Boyfriend Behind

Daveywavey has some news. (Photo: Instagram)

Daveywavey recently announced that he was leaving Los Angeles, and leaving his boyfriend Jake Arman behind.

However, they’re not breaking up – and Daveywavey also revealed how he was going to make the long-distance relationship work.

Daveywavey Sells His West Hollywood Condominium, Is Leaving L.A.

Daveywavey recently sold his West Hollywood apartment for $380,000, according to Variety.

The living room.
Sold LA Home: The living room.

He initially purchased the 426-square-foot one-bedroom home back in January last year for $260,000.

The exterior block.
Sold LA Home: The exterior block.

He told fans that he was leaving Los Angeles (and his boyfriend) behind for his old $163,280 home in Rhode Island – the other side of the country

Daveywavey Reveals Why He’s Leaving His Boyfriend in L.A.

“If you have been watching my channel for a long time, then you definitely recognize my condo from Rhode Island. I have not been here in two years.”

Daveywavey told fans that his family comes first. “I also really love when I am with my family in Rhode Island.”

Daveywavey in Rhode Island.
Daveywavey in his Rhode Island home! (Photo: Instagram)

“My sister has a child, I’m the godparent. I’m a spiritual guide and adviser for a human being. It’s important for me to be here. I want to be here, I also want to be there [with Jake in L.A.].”

“My dog also recently passed away this year. This is the first time here without my dog.”

Daveywavey Gushes Over Jake, Explains How He’ll Make It Work

“So I tried to find a way to balance all of that. I sold my house in Los Angeles. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to Los Angeles anymore. I totally still am. But I’m probably going to do short-term rentals there.”

Daveywavey and Jake.
Daveywavey and Jake Arman pose in his branded underwear. (Photo: Instagram)

He praised his boyfriend Jake. “He’s really shy. He doesn’t want to be on camera. Maybe some day you guys will meet him. I really hope that you do, because he’s such a sweet, genuine, real human being.”

“I would love for you guys to see what I see in him.”

“Because I value you and I value him, I want everyone to get along. I’m really inspired, and I feel very happy and radiant when I see him.”

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