Did Ryan Minaj Rip off Calvin Bremer’s Nicki Minaj Siri Video?

Do you think Ryan copied Calvin? (Photo: YouTube / Twitter)

Calvin Bremer is accusing Ryan Minaj of abusing his status as the “bigger” YouTuber to steal his ideas to claim as his own.

Updated: Matthew Lush and Nick Laws also posted similar Siri skits & praised Ryan’s creativity, with no mention of Calvin.

Credit on YouTube is serious business. It is a running joke whenever Pewdiepie fans descend onto other gaming videos accusing them of “copying Pewds”.

Even challenge videos aren’t exempt. Fans get irate whenever a YouTuber is not credited for “creating the original” challenge video.

Calvin Bremer’s “Replacing Siri with Taylor Swift” Video Goes Viral in November 2014

Calvin’s channel and video initially went viral last November, when Taylor Swift linked to the following Siri parody video on her personal Tumblr account here.

The video features Siri’s original voice being replaced by Taylor Swift soundbites.

“Hahaha, this is awesome in its entirety, but my resounding thought after watching it is that guy has the BEST EYELASHES EVER,” Taylor Swift wrote.

Calvin Posts His “Replacing Siri with Nicki Minaj” Video on January 10, 2015

Due to the popularity of his Taylor Swift Siri spoof, Calvin posted a follow up video, a few weeks ago.

This time, he utilized Nicki Minaj’s soundbites instead of Taylor Swift’s.

Ryan Minaj Posts “If Nicki Minaj Was Siri” on February 8, 2015

Ryan posted a remarkably similar video a few weeks later, utilizing an identical concept, and a slightly modified title.

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It also features Siri being replaced with Nicki Minaj soundbites.

Additionally, Ryan’s video also included a drive-through scene very similar to Calvin’s.

In fact, they used the exact same soundbite from Nicki Minaj in this scene: “Lemme get a number 2, with some Mac sauce.”

Ryan used the same scene and soundbite.
Ryan used the same scene and soundbite. (Photo: YouTube)

Ryan’s Fans Praise Him for Being Creative & Original

Ryan’s fans immediately praised him for his originality and unique ideas.

Creative & perfect.
Creative & original.
So creative!
So trending.
So well thought out.

Calvin Accuses Ryan Minaj of Copying Him without Credit

Due to the heavy similarities, Calvin tweeted Ryan, saying, “How about we credit other people when stealing their ideas?”

Ryan Minaj copy?

This tweet was even retweeted by YouTuber Neil McNeil, possibly in agreement.

“Sorry I’m more creative than you that you have to resort to using MY ideas without credit,” Calvin continued.

I am more creative!

“I’ve always liked Ryan, but you basically stole my existing idea and pandered it off because you’re ‘bigger’ than me. Class act,” he said.

Class act!

“it’s a mighty coincidence when you used the same fast food scene I did and exact overall concept.”

Same concept.

Ryan Angrily Denies He Ever Saw Calvin’s Video, Says He Made It up with His Cousin

Ryan eventually fired back. “Ok, well, think what you want. But accusing someone of something without ACTUAL proof is very nasty tasting.”

Actual proof!

He then claims that he was completely unaware of Calvin’s video, re-emphasizes his Nicki Minaj fan credentials, and says he came up with the idea with his cousin.

Since 2009.

Ryan mocks Calvin, sarcastically tweeting that Calvin copied his blonde hair.

Blonde hair.

Calvin argues that he can’t prove that Ryan watched his video, but says he knows people linked Ryan to it, and that his viral Taylor Swift video was “already out there”.

I can't prove it.
Rip me off.

Updated: Matthew Lush & Boyfriend Nick Laws Recently Posted Similar Videos

Matthew praised Ryan Minaj’s creativity: “I got this awesome idea from Ryan Minaj, he was my inspiration. Ryan, you are so creative!”

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Whose side are you on?

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