Dom DeAngelis & JJ Fight, Leak Each Other’s Numbers: “He Was Never My Friend!”

Dom and JJ had a Twitter fight. (Photo: Instagram)

Dominic DeAngelis and Joseph Hernandez fell out publicly on Twitter after Dom leaked JJ’s phone number to all his followers.

JJ retaliated by leaking Dom’s number, and the pair went at it. Dom even declared that JJ was “never his friend” and JJ was shocked.

The duo often travel in the same friend groups, and are both close with Kian Lawley and JC Caylen – awkward.

Kian, Dom, JJ, JC.
Kian Lawley, JJ, Dominic, and JC Caylen. (Photo: Instagram)

Dom Leaks JJ’s Number on Twitter

Dom kicked things off by leaking JJ’s number on Twitter. Was it an accident? Was it on purpose? Nobody knows.


He quickly tweeted, “My bad! Oh fuck!”


JJ’s Phone Blows Up

Joseph was shocked when his phone was inundated with calls and texts.


He called out the callers by posting their numbers on Twitter. “F****** stop. Be a half-decent human being!”


“What the fuck, man? Who the hell gave my number away? Have some respect and stop calling me.”


JJ Is Very Upset About Changing His Number

JJ eventually found out that Dom leaked his phone number.

JC Caylen, Dominic Deangelis, Ryan Abe.
JC Caylen with Dom and Ryan. (Photo: Instagram)

He was upset that he had to change his number, since he had it since the 5th grade. “10 years!”


He jokingly warned Dom that he was going to leak his number in retaliation.


JJ Leaks Dom’s Number: “An Eye for an Eye!”

JJ then decided to leak Dominic’s phone number. Dom was furious.

“An eye for an eye! You usually have a good sense of humor.”


After fans called the number, they reached the voicemail of somebody named “Katie”.

Joseph accused Dom of simply letting a random girl record his voicemail.


JJ Threatens to Leak Dom’s Address

JJ then threatened to leak Dom’s address. “Let me post your address!”


Dom replied by posting somebody’s random address.


Dom Reveals He Was Never Friends With JJ – JJ Is Shocked

Dominic then dropped a bombshell.

Dominic DeAngelis and JJ Hernandez.
Dom, JJ and friends. (Photo: Instagram)

“JJ was never my friend. Do not be throwing that precious word around.”


Joseph was hurt. “This is news to me. I have always thought of you as a good friend. I actually like you a lot.”


Dom defended himself. “There are friends and acquaintances.”


Dom defended against the blowback. “He tried to give out my number on social media.”


The Aftermath

Joseph claimed that Dom was ignoring his texts. “He is not responding.”


Dom’s fans attacked JJ. “People only know who you are because of Kian and JC. Leave please!”

JJ was confused. “Are you trying to make me sad? Lower my self-esteem?”


“You guys can call me ugly all you want.”


JJ said that he was joking around throughout the whole exchange.


Dom didn’t seem like he was.


YouTubers React

Ryan Abe joked around. “Am I your friend Dom? AM I?”


Andrea Russett slowly backed away. “Gets onto Twitter… sees Twitter fight… backs away…”


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