Everyone Knows #Jerika Is Fake – but Jake & Erika Don’t Care

After Jake Paul & Erika Costell were accused of faking their marriage for views, they did this. (Photo: Instagram)

After Jake Paul confessed that his entire relationship and “marriage” with his “wife” Erika Costell was not actually real, Jerika shippers still refused to believe it.

Shippers called The New York Times “fake news” and held onto hope that at least some of their YouTube acting had some truth to it.

Fortunately for those people, Jake and Erika did not appear to care about being accused of “faking a relationship for views” one bit.

Jake Paul & Erika Costell being sexy.
Sex on the beach? Erika Costell gets down with Jake Paul in the sand. (Photo: Instagram)

Jake Paul Exposes #Jerika in The New York Times: “We’re Not Actually Dating”

In a recent profile in The New York Times, bits and pieces from an interview he did with them were inserted throughout the article.

Jake admitted to the journalist that his relationship (and marriage) with Erika Costell was not actually real.

“We are not actually dating,” he told them bluntly. Jake compared his YouTube channel to the scripted WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) stuff. “People know it is fake,” he said matter-of-factly.

#Jerika share a laugh by the waters in a picture-perfect moment. (Photo: Instagram)

Unfortunately, many Jake Paul fans still think 100% of his storylines are real.

Jerika shippers were thrown into turmoil, but most brushed away the article with many denials. “He only meant that his wedding was fake, but I think their relationship is real,” one shipper wrote.

Others went for the “fake news” angle. “They twisted his words! The NYT interview was fake. Fake!”

Jake Paul & Erika Costell's marriage.
A married family? Jake Paul and Erika Costell looking cute with kids. (Photo: Instagram)

Some brought up an even older interview Erika did with Refinery29 as “evidence” Jerika was real. In that particular article, the interviewer asked Erika about whether their young viewers knew or could understand that their “marriage” was just play-acting. Although Erika did not really give a concrete answer, she insinuated that “there was a real connection” and said “not everything can be faked”. She did not confirm if they were actually dating, however.

What Controversy? Jake & Erika Continue Making Out While Fans Argue

After news of Jerika being fake spread all over the internet, Jake Paul and Erika Costell did not seem to care at all.

In fact, Erika just uploaded a vlog with a thumbnail featuring a make-out session. The comments section of the video turned into a war zone.

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Jerika fans once again used this as “evidence” that their relationship was real. “Are you a f****** idiot?” one shipper fired at a Jerika denier. “Of course they are really dating. If they weren’t, why the fuck are they kissing? Use your brain, would you kiss a random roommate?”

Jake and Erika kissing.
What accusations? Erika & Jake are still going strong with a kiss. (Photo: YouTube)

Deniers fought back. “These dumb 9-year-olds really think they are actually dating even after Jake himself said they were not.”

What do you think is going on with Jake and Erika? Are they storyboarded and scripted like the Kardashians? Really in love? Friends with benefits? A business-only relationship?

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