Sneaky Girl Caught Stealing the Dolan Twins’ Clothes at the Beach

Ethan & Grayson Dolan had their shirts stolen at the beach! (Photo: Instagram)

Ethan and Grayson Dolan ran into some complications at the beach when a pair of giggling fangirls decided to rob them.

The girls followed the boys all the way down to the beach, then decided to take their shirts while they ran away laughing!

Shirtless Dolan Twins.
Shirtless Dolan Twins get wet and dirty on the greens. (Photo: Instagram)

A Pair of Giggling Fangirls Spot Ethan & Grayson Dolan at the Beach

Some screaming girls were driving along on the road when they found themselves in the presence of the Dolan twins. They could barely contain themselves on Snapchat, and captioned, “I’m dying!”

Fangirls in car.
Spotted! The fangirls can barely contain their delight after seeing double.

The hyperventilating fangirls followed the boys down towards the beach, and still could not believe their luck!

Girls stalking Dolans.
Perhaps plotting their next move, Ashley and Lacey hit the beach.

Always the gentlemen, the Dolans agreed to snap some selfies. It looks like they managed to get some photos to remember the day by. But a photo was clearly not enough for them.

Fangirl with Dolans.
One of the girls even nabbed this pic with the Dolans – was it before or after they stole? (Photo: Instagram)

A Girl Secretly Steals the Dolans’ T-Shirts & Boasts About It

The girls then went one step further into criminal territory.

One of the girls sneakily walked up to the pile of clothing the Dolans left behind, then stole their shirts as she sprinted away from the scene of the crime. “She took his s***!” they proudly captioned.

Dolans robbed by girl.
Caught in the act! A girl runs onto the beach in secret to steal Dolan property.

On social media, one of the girls even announced and bragged about their beach heist to the world. “I look horrible… But we also have both of their shirts! We stole / bought them!”

Bragging on Insta.
A girl bragged about nabbing the Dolans’ goods to the world. (Photo: Instagram)

As they drove away, they continued screaming in delight at their successful robbery. “It was the best day of my life!” they wrote.

Girls in car laughing.
Very pleased! The girls speed off in their car with their winnings.

Despite announcing their theft everywhere on social media, it appeared like they didn’t like all the attention after all – they went private or deleted their main accounts.

One girl later tried to explain their side of the story. “People are telling me I’m disgusting and gross.”

Girl gets hate.
One of the girls went more in-depth with an ‘explanation’ of what happened. (Photo: Twitter)

She revealed that they “left money behind” after they stole the shirts, despite not asking permission at all. “I didn’t think it was a terrible thing. We did it in the moment. Adrenaline.”

Ethan Grayson Dolan bulge.
Grayson Dolan strikes a topless pose by the sea in gray sweatpants. (Photo: Instagram)

“Please stop the hate!” they wrote.

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