Fans Call JacksGap ‘Pretentious’ & ‘Lazy’ after They Announce New 2015 Plans

JacksGap in their old room that made them famous. (Photo: YouTube)

Jack Harries recently posted a video outlining his YouTube channel plans for 2015 – and many loyal fans have had enough.

The top comments on the video are ruthless. Fans are annoyed at how the “lazy” JacksGap boys often announce “new projects” – but hardly ever follow through, resulting in a rarely-updated channel full of Project Announcement videos and nothing to show for them.

Fans are also not happy about the new “pretentious” content and their unoriginal new Casey Neistat-inspired cinematographic style. They are claiming to prefer the old JacksGap, which was populated with challenge, tag, and fan mail videos – instead of “boring and pretentious” documentary films.

JacksGap Announce New Channel Plans for 2015

“I was wondering earlier in the week if I should announce an official schedule of what’s going out, and when it’s going out. But ultimately, I decided it would be a terrible idea,” he says.

“Because I won’t be able to stick to it, and then you will get angry.”

He then lists various projects he will attempt to accomplish in 2015.

Video blogs are the very blood and soul of YouTube,” he begins.

He then confirms he will continue Shed Sessions, a series where he films unknown musicians in his garden shed – a series his fans appear to despise. But Jack does not care. “I think this is my favorite,” he says.

Short documentaries,” he continues. “We want to tell more stories about people that inspire us.”

The then confirms he will take inspiration from Louis Cole and begin Travel Films.

He also says he will also post random videos like “short films” and random quirky ideas.

Fans React to Their Announcement of New Projects

The top comment on the video said, “I feel JacksGap posts a lot of videos about their new plans, but we never get very much content.”

Not much content

“We never get to see much of it,” another top comment said. “I wish there were more Ask Jacks and tag videos, like you used to post before you got super popular.”


Other commenters were far more blunt. “What a pretentious d*** head,” one fan said. “At least he can afford to, since he can mooch off daddy and all his money.”


“Here’s to more BORING AS F**K, pretentious videos filled with s**tty a**, trite, stop-motion and cutesy music,” another top comment said.

Boring as hell

“Stick to what made you famous in the first place…You pretty much sold yourself out and are being taken over [for more money],” another fan claimed.


What’s up with YouTubers Becoming “Pretentious” Filmmakers, Anyway?

YouTubers transitioning into “filmmakers” are commonplace. A big example is Charlieissocoollike, who was once the top British YouTuber and was capable of garnering millions of views. After he decided to mostly abandon his old content and transition into a “serious filmmaker”, his popularity plummeted.

British YouTuber Bertie Gilbert once hung out with Caspar Lee and the Gleam crew. He had the same amount of subscribers as Troye Sivan. He then decided to delete all his videos and turned the channel into a showcase for his student-quality film work. Now, Troye has over 3 million fans, while Bertie stagnates at 300k.

On the other hand, both Sawyer Hartman and Joey Graceffa understand that if you want people to appreciate your film work, you have to give them what they want. Even if it means doing hundreds of terrible challenge videos.

Do you think criticism of JacksGap’s channel content is unfair? Should Jack and Finn continue doing what makes them happy? Comment below.

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