Fans Fear Aaron Carpenter Will Die from Kidney Failure

Aaron Carpenter has pulled out of DigiTour. (Photo: YouTube)

Aaron Carpenter’s fans have started the hashtag #PrayForAaron, after Aaron pulled out of the #DigiTourSlayBells tour, revealing that he is suffering from kidney problems.

The multi-city tour, which includes Viners and YouTubers like Brent Rivera and Andrea Russett, started on December 1st and ends two days before Christmas Day.

Aaron was scheduled to attend all 14 dates – and is currently unable to meet the demanding travel schedule.

Aaron Apologizes on Twitter

Aaron was very apologetic about removing himself from the tour – as many fans might have bought tickets for the sole purpose of meeting him.

He posted, “Hi guys, last night my doctor told me my kidneys aren’t functioning properly, and that I need to go home and rest to treat it. Unfortunately, I will not be able to continue on with DigiTour, and I’m so sorry I won’t be able to meet you. Just know I love you. All my tour friends are putting on an awesome show every night, so I know you’ll have an amazing time. Thanks for all your prayers and support!”

Non-functioning Kidneys.

He was clearly heartbroken, and wished he could stay for the whole tour.

Aaron is depressed.

DigiTour also confirmed this, and wished Aaron a speedy recovery.

DigiTour's speedy recovery.

How Serious a Problem Is This for Aaron?

Aaron did not detail the problems with his kidney.

However, kidneys have an important role in the body. According to WebMD, kidneys filter waste from blood, regulate red blood cell creation, maintain electolyte balance and blood pressure.

Some symptoms Aaron might be feeling include general weakness, a feeling of tiredness and shortness of breath.

Depending on the severity, this can lead to death, or require transplants or dialysis.

Fans Offer to Donate Their Kidneys to Aaron

Despite not knowing the degree of severity of Aaron’s kidney problems, fans came out in droves – offering to donate their kidneys to Aaron.

I'll give Aaron a kidney.
Don't die, Aaron.
Kidney matchup.

Fans Are Willing to Die for Aaron

Other fans went a step further, proclaiming that they would DIE for Aaron to live.

I'll die for you.

Drama Starts Brewing in the Fandom

However, drama started brewing when people started realizing other parts of the fandom didn’t care much for Aaron’s well-being.

When Cameron Dallas cut his foot, supporters were out in droves. However, those same people were nowhere to be seen.

Cameron cuts foot.
Where y'all at?

Would you donate your kidney to a Viner or YouTuber? Comment below!

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