GloZell Gets Candid about Her Infertility & Drops BABY NEWS

GloZell is getting personal. (Photo: GloZell)

GloZell is about to let you into her life with her new documentary series Glo All In: GloZell’s Baby Journey.

“I am really counting on a positive outcome,” she said in the trailer. “I am all in! I am Glo All In!”

GloZell with Joey and Daniel.
GloZell hanging with Joey and Daniel. (Photo: Instagram)

GloZell Discusses Her Infertility Diagnosis & Treatment

GloZell said that she quickly found out that there was a problem somewhere, but initially assumed that it was her “husband’s fault” because he was 10 years older. “We both got tested and he was fine! Not fair!” she joked.

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“I will do everything I have to do,” she revealed. She said that she has been preparing for two whole years to “make the best quality eggs” possible.

GloZell and Miranda Sings.
GloZell carries Miranda Sings. (Photo: Instagram)

She said that she decided on combining both traditional and holistic treatments during her baby journey. “Holistic methods came first – they used to be traditional!”

GloZell Talks About Surrogacy

GloZell said that due to her endometriosis and age, carrying via IVF was a “high risk” for her, according to the doctors she spoke to.

She announced that her surrogate was going to be implanted in just a few weeks.

GloZell goes to a doctor. (Photo: YouTube)

She praised her fans for being so supportive, and said she was going to ask them to help name her baby.

The first episode of her docuseries will debut on Awestruck’s YouTube channel on November 15.

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