He’s NOT Gay! Alex From Target’s Girlfriend Defends Him From Rumors

Alex Lee's girl has spoken out about the gay rumors. (Photo: Instagram)

Alex Lee’s (Alex From Target) girlfriend has decided to set the record straight.

Alex is often besieged by a higher-than-normal percentage of commenters who assume he is gay. It is unclear why or how the rumors started.

Alex from Target being sexy.
Alex from Target works his bulging muscles at the gym. (Photo: Instagram)

Alex Lee’s Fans Often Assume He Is Gay

Alex sometimes posts photos featuring his girlfriend Kelsey Carpenter. For example, he recently posted the cute kissing photo on the bottom right.

Alex and Kelsey.
We’re dating! Kelsey gets kissed by Alex. (Photo: Instagram)

Whenever he posts such a photo, Alex’s comments usually include a flood of incredulous commenters who appear to be shocked.

Alex from Target shirtless.
Alex From Target posted a comparison photo of his shirtless body. (Photo: Instagram)

“WOW! I thought he was gay!” one fan wrote.


Some claimed that there was a conspiracy going on. “It is called a BEARD. Google it,” another fan wrote.


Many thought it was common knowledge that he was supposedly gay, and were a little surprised.


Others didn’t accept it. “You can love a girl and still be gay!” one such person wrote.


Alex’s Girlfriend Kelsey Carpenter Clears up the Rumors

Alex’s girl Kels set the record straight on Instagram after witnessing a recent flood of “gay” comments. “Definitely NOT gay!” she wrote.


In fact, Alex recently took Kelsey to meet his parents just a few days ago! “I love them [his parents] so much!” she wrote.

Alex Lee's girlfriend.
Alex Lee and his girlfriend canoodle for fans. (Photo: Instagram)

“Isn’t he great? We’re cute. He’s a big ol’ cheese.”

Alex From Target shirtless.
Alex from Target strips off at the beach with Kels. (Photo: Instagram)

Once, Alex was away, and she couldn’t wait to have him back. “I miss him – cuddles, kisses & all!”

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