Madison Beer Explains Why Jack Gilinsky Annoys Her

Madison Beer gets kissed. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer explained why she sometimes gets annoyed by boyfriend Jack Gilinsky, on YouNow.

She revealed that Jack often takes way too long to get ready, due to his OCD.

Madison Beer Reveals Why Jack Gilinsky Is Sometimes Annoying

Madison Beer was answering questions on YouNow and read out, “What is something that annoys you about Gilinsky?”

She said that Jack’s OCD resulted in lengthy waits. “He has OCD, so he takes forever to get ready and it is so funny.”

“Because you usually think a girl takes longer than a guy, but literally, I kid you not. Kid you not. He literally will sit, and be like, okay.”

Jadison in love, hugging.
Jadison hugging. (Photo: Instagram)

She described how her boyfriend Jack got dressed for the day. “Put on a shirt! Put on the shorts. Put on the pants. Put on all the stuff, whatever.”

“And then, he’ll be like, take off the shirt, put on the shirt. Take off the shirt, put on the shirt, take off the shirt, put on the shirt.”

Jack Gilinsky's shirtless abs.
Jack Gilinsky shirtless, out of the shower. (Photo: Instagram)

“Fold every shirt and put them back in the drawer. Take them back out. Put them back on.”

“I’m like, PLEASE! Please wear the first shirt you put on. And all of these, meanwhile, are just plain white shirts. I’m like… what! What is this?”

Jack Gilinsky nude.
Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson show off their underwear. (Photo: Instagram)

“Please! Please! I’m literally like, please, please, please, please. He’s crazy.”

“I love it about him, but it is also really annoying at times. Because, I’m like okay! Let’s go!”

“But, he’s great, so I’ll deal with it.”

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