Jack Gilinsky & Madison Beer CAUGHT Getting Romantic at the Beach

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky were photographed getting close. (Photo: Getty)

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky were spotted getting close at the beach in Miami, Florida, on December 27.

Madison and boyfriend Jack posed for the paparazzi for some “candid” snaps, in their latest attempt to become the new Justin and Selena.

Madison wore a green bathing suit and a silver necklace – and wore her hair up in a top knot.

Madison gets close to Jack.
Madison Beer gets close to her boyfriend. (Photo: Getty)
Madison holding hands with Jack.
Madison Beer holds hands with her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky. (Photo: Getty)

The couple were seen leisurely strolling on the Miami beach while holding hands and hugging.

Madison and Jack.
Madison gets a ride from Jack Gilinsky. (Photo: Getty)

At one point, Jack Gilinsky gave Madison a ride on his back. At another point, Madison turned around and asked Jack to help inspect her bikini bottoms.

Jack with Madison at the beach.
Jack adjusts Madison’s bikini bottom. (Photo: Getty)
Madison and Jack shirtless.
Jack makes a swerve as Madison looks toward the camera. (Photo: Getty)

Jack was seen wearing patterned pink-and-red swimming trunks and a red necklace.

Madison and Jack, in a bikini.
Jack and Madison take a leisurely stroll next to the waves. (Photo: Getty)
Madison almost kissing Jack.
Madison slowly leans into Jack. (Photo: Getty)

Madison even planted a big kiss on Jack’s cheek as they embraced.

Madison and Jack kiss.
Madison poses for a kiss with Jack. (Photo: Getty)
Thoughtful boyfriend Jack gives Madison a piggyback ride. (Photo: Getty)
Thoughtful boyfriend Jack gives Madison a piggyback ride. (Photo: Getty)

Madison and Jack’s beach stroll made headlines in the Daily Mail, thanks to her Justin Bieber connection. Success!


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