Janoskians’ Luke Brooks ‘Racist’ N-Word Tweets Cause Controversy

Janoskians' Luke Brooks has stirred up trouble again. (Photo: Twitter)

The Janoskians have caused another minor internet controversy after Luke Brooks tweeted a Drake and Madonna joke that features the n-word.

Luke Brooks is clearly unapologetic, as he has previously used similar language on Twitter before, and refused to delete any of them.

“Drake the type of n***a to cry after Madonna kissed him, because he didn’t get to know her first,” Luke tweeted recently.

Luke Brook's racist tweet.

This Is Not the First Time Luke Brooks Has Used the N-Word on Twitter

“So you said that if you saw Justin Bieber you’d be like what’s up n***er,” Luke tweeted to friend Daniel Sahyounie once.


“Tried to take out my lip stud straight after I got it done. I tried to put a hoop in it, but s*** went wrong. Look at me now, n***a.”

Luke's "nigga" tweet.

Luke Brooks is not the only tween-targeting celebrity that has been caught using the n-word.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was heard making a “n*g” comment in a blazin’ video with ex-member Zayn Malik – while Justin Bieber also famously sang “There’ll be one less lonely n***er” in a leaked video.

Even YouTuber Lohanthony was caught using the n-word on a secret, racist Twitter account.

Some Fans Criticize Luke: “You’re Not Black! Delete This.”

A small contigent of fans were unhappy with Luke’s flippant usage of racist terminology. “You’re white. Don’t say n***a. You’re not allowed to say n***a.”

You can't say the n-word.
You're white.
Fucking cunt!
Don't say nigga.
Delete this immediately!

Other Fans Defend Luke’s Joke: “It’s Not Even a Bad Word!”

Others defended Luke against accusations of racism. “Everyone does it though,” one fan said. “N***a isn’t even an insult.”

“Technically, n***a isn’t a bad word. The term n***er is,” another fan claimed.

Everyone does it!
Isn't an insult.

Do you think this is hateful or harmless?

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